Trivial implementations for the text package interfaces.


AbstractTextDocument A skeleton implementation of a text document. 
AbstractTextPartAsDocumentProxy This utility class allows clients to view a part of a document as a virtual, whole document. 
Anchor A simple implementation of an anchor. 
AsciiDocument A text document used to represent textual data, on a best-effort basis. 
Coordinates A simple implementation of the ICoordinates interface. 
HexDumpDocument A text document used to represent binary data as a standardized hex-dump text blob. 
Line A simple implementation of the line interface. 
StaticTextDocument A simple text document. 
TextDocumentFragment Wrapper class that provide fragments of text documents. 
TextDocumentPart A simple implementation for a text document part. 
TextItem A simple implementation for an actionable text item within a line. 
TextMark Standard implementation of a text mark.