Trivial implementations for the text package interfaces.


AbstractTextDocument A skeleton implementation of a text document. 
AbstractTextPartAsDocumentProxy This utility class allows clients to view a part of a document as a virtual, whole document. 
Anchor A simple implementation of an anchor. 
AsciiDocument A text document used to represent textual data, on a best-effort basis. 
Coordinates A simple implementation of the ICoordinates interface. 
HexDumpDocument A text document used to represent binary data as a standardized hex-dump text blob:
 00000000  05 4B 03 04 14 00 08 08 08 00 11 58 73 45 63 4A  .K.........XsEcJ
 00000010  95 6A 29 18 01 00 9D 62 03 00 14 00 00 00 4D 45  .j)....b......ME
Line A simple implementation of the line interface. 
StaticTextDocument A simple text document. 
TextDocumentFragment Wrapper class that provide fragments of text documents. 
TextDocumentPart A simple implementation for a text document part. 
TextItem A simple implementation for an actionable text item within a line. 
TextMark Standard implementation of a text mark.