public interface



Class Overview

This interface describes the section header of a PE/COFF executable file.



Public Methods
abstract int getCharacteristics()
abstract byte[] getName()
abstract int getNumberOfLinenumbers()
abstract int getNumberOfRelocations()
abstract long getPointerToLinenumbers()
abstract long getPointerToRawData()
abstract long getPointerToRelocations()
abstract long getSizeOfRawData()
abstract long getVirtualAddress()
abstract long getVirtualSize()

Public Methods

public abstract int getCharacteristics ()

public abstract byte[] getName ()

public abstract int getNumberOfLinenumbers ()

public abstract int getNumberOfRelocations ()

public abstract long getPointerToLinenumbers ()

public abstract long getPointerToRawData ()

public abstract long getPointerToRelocations ()

public abstract long getSizeOfRawData ()

public abstract long getVirtualAddress ()

public abstract long getVirtualSize ()