public class


extends Object

Class Overview

Variable-source object, that is, specify the variable(s) behind a variable-copy. A copy may be a duplicate, a pair, or a slice.


Nested Classes
class VarSrc.E A variable or slice of variable. 
Public Methods
void collectSourceIds(Collection<Integer> sink)
void collectSourceIds(Collection<Integer> sink, Collection<Integer> exclusions)
boolean containsSourceId(int id)
static VarSrc dup(int srcid)
boolean equals(Object obj)
int getAsDuplicate()
Couple<Integer, Integer> getAsPair()
Couple<Integer, Couple<Integer, Integer>> getAsSlice()
Couple<Integer, Integer> getAsTruncated()
List<VarSrc.E> getSource()
List<Integer> getSourceIds()
int hashCode()
boolean isDuplicate()
boolean isPair()
special case of merge: 2 elements
boolean isSlice()
boolean isTruncated()
special case of slice: [0, x)
static VarSrc pair(int srcidLo, int srcidHi)
static VarSrc slice(int srcid, int bitbegin, Integer bitend)
String toString()
static VarSrc truncated(int srcid, int bitplit)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Methods

public void collectSourceIds (Collection<Integer> sink)

public void collectSourceIds (Collection<Integer> sink, Collection<Integer> exclusions)

exclusions optional

public boolean containsSourceId (int id)

public static VarSrc dup (int srcid)

public boolean equals (Object obj)

public int getAsDuplicate ()

public Couple<Integer, Integer> getAsPair ()

  • a tuple (src_id_lo, src_id_hi)

public Couple<Integer, Couple<Integer, Integer>> getAsSlice ()

  • a tuple (src_id, (bitbegin, bitend))

public Couple<Integer, Integer> getAsTruncated ()

  • a tuple (src_id, bitsize)

public List<VarSrc.E> getSource ()

public List<Integer> getSourceIds ()

public int hashCode ()

public boolean isDuplicate ()

public boolean isPair ()

special case of merge: 2 elements

public boolean isSlice ()

public boolean isTruncated ()

special case of slice: [0, x)

public static VarSrc pair (int srcidLo, int srcidHi)

public static VarSrc slice (int srcid, int bitbegin, Integer bitend)

public String toString ()

public static VarSrc truncated (int srcid, int bitplit)