public class


extends Object
implements Set<E>
   ↳ com.pnfsoftware.jeb.util.serialization.objects.SerEnumSet<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>

Class Overview

A serializable version of EnumSet.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
boolean add(E e)
boolean addAll(Collection<? extends E> c)
void clear()
boolean contains(Object o)
boolean containsAll(Collection<?> c)
boolean equals(Object obj)
int hashCode()
boolean isEmpty()
Iterator<E> iterator()
boolean remove(Object o)
boolean removeAll(Collection<?> c)
boolean retainAll(Collection<?> c)
int size()
<T> T[] toArray(T[] a)
Object[] toArray()
String toString()
static <E extends Enum<E>> SerEnumSet<E> wrap(Class<E> c, EnumSet<E> set)
EnumSet<E> wrapped()
Retrieve the wrapped EnumSet object.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.lang.Iterable
From interface java.util.Collection
From interface java.util.Set

Public Constructors

public SerEnumSet ()

Reserved. Do not use. Use wrap(Class, EnumSet) instead.

Public Methods

public boolean add (E e)

public boolean addAll (Collection<? extends E> c)

public void clear ()

public boolean contains (Object o)

public boolean containsAll (Collection<?> c)

public boolean equals (Object obj)

public int hashCode ()

public boolean isEmpty ()

public Iterator<E> iterator ()

public boolean remove (Object o)

public boolean removeAll (Collection<?> c)

public boolean retainAll (Collection<?> c)

public int size ()

public T[] toArray (T[] a)

public Object[] toArray ()

public String toString ()

public static SerEnumSet<E> wrap (Class<E> c, EnumSet<E> set)

public EnumSet<E> wrapped ()

Retrieve the wrapped EnumSet object.