Android App Analysis

JEB is a well-known industry tool used to reverse-engineer and audit Android applications.

Using JEB, you can:

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Java Types Naming Conventions

Java/Dalvik types and their various representations, and the one used by JEB: Reference Doc.

Using additional frameworks

When analyzing applications using resources located in other frameworks that the Android Framework (e.g. the Samsung framework), follow those steps:

Note: in the FrameworksDirectory folder is the Android Framework itself, which has id 1

Random / FAQ

How to always display synthetic fields and methods in decompiled views?

In the vast majority of the cases, synthetic accessors used by inner classes need not be displayed as they are re-optimized into direct, seamless outer class field access or method invocation.

However, if you wish to display them: In a decompiled view, right-click, "Rendering Options" and tick the boxes "Generate synthetic fields" and "Generate synthetic methods". You may also change this setting once and for all in the Engines option (Edit, Options, Engines).