Native Code Analysis

JEB is fully-equipped to perform native code analysis of binary files compiled for Windows (PE), Linux and variants (ELF), or most other platforms, including headless firmware files.


JEB Pro ships with analysis modules, including decompilers, for:

Also provided is a disassembler for Atmel AVR, although we are not shipping an AVR decompiler at the moment.


JEB supports the creation of signature libraries (siglibs) for library code recognition. JEB Pro includes complete library signature sets for:

Read more: Android NDK Library Signatures (blog); Auto-signing (blog)


JEB supports the creation of type libraries (typelibs) for common Windows and Linux subsystems, including:

Read more: Users can generate their own type libraries: Native Types and Typelibs (blog)

Native Code Actions

Common native code actions can Be found in the Native menu:

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