Types used by scripts to interact with the analysis results presented by a JEB client.

- Scripts run in a non-GUI client will receive a IClientContext.
- Scripts run in a GUI client will receive a IGraphicalClientContext.


IClientContext This important interface represents a client context for scripting. 
IGraphicalClientContext This important interface represents a client context for scripting inside a GUI client. 
IOperable Interface for objects supported Operations. 
IScript Interface for client's scripts. 
IUnitFragment A fragment representing parts of a unit
IUnitFragmentPositionChangeListener Interface to be implemented by listeners of positional changes in unit fragments rendered by the GUI client. 
IUnitTextFragment A text fragment representing a textual document generated by a unit
IUnitView Basic definition of a view, visually representing a unit


FormEntry<T> Abstract class for form entry types used to create IGraphicalClientContext#displayForm(String, String, FormEntry...) form dialogs. 
FormEntry.Text Textual form entry. 
GraphDialogExtensions Optional extension used to customize and provide action handlers for graph dialogs
OperationRequest An operation request. 
UnitFragmentPosition Position in a unit fragment. 


ButtonGroupType Button group types to be used in dialog boxes. 
GraphDialogExtensions.EdgeStyle Edge styles for rendering. 
GraphDialogExtensions.LayoutMode Graph rendering mode. 
GraphDialogExtensions.VertexShape Vertex shape for rendering. 
IconType Icon types to be used in dialog boxes. 
Operation Types of UI operations that client views may decide to support.