JEB Decompiler for Android


Use JEB to break-down, decompile and debug Android applications. Reverse engineer malicious Android APKs and perform security audits.

Android Decompiler + Android Debuggers

Cut down on costly reverse engineering time: decompile obfuscated APKs, examine Java code and debug closed-source apps in minutes. Our modular back-end, coupled with a powerful UI front-end for desktop platforms, allow refactoring operation and scripting to automate complex tasks.

Perform static and dynamic analysis of Android applications, goodware or badware, small or large.

  • Decompile code using our Dalvik decompiler, including multi-dex APK.
  • Refactor the analysis to defeat obfuscated code generated by application protectors.
  • Reconstruct resources and obfuscated XML files.
  • Debug Dalvik code as well as all native code (Intel, ARM), seamlessly.
  • Automate and script your reverse engineering tasks via our API.


Perform precise and robust decompilation of Android apps and Dalvik bytecode.

Our in-house decompiler works on true Dalvik code: conversion from Dex to Jar, required by free tools, is not necessary with JEB (see why it matters).

Our Dalvik and native code debuggers offer unmatched features to seamlessly analyze real-time apps, allowing examination of code and hooking of sensitive APIs.


Refactor, annotate, navigate, and modify the analysis output.

Our analysis modules support code refactoring, virtual hierarchy to organize highly obfuscated code, or code cleaning (for instance when decrypting obfuscated contents or un-reflecting code).


Leverage the JEB API to automate reverse engineering tasks.

Using Java or Python, users can write their own scripts and plugins to automate the reverse engineering process. Power users can write full-blown analysis modules and headless front-ends.

Use JEB to debug closed-source Android applications

JEB provides bytecode and native (ARM, Intel) debugger modules to allow dynamic analysis of complex apps.

  • Seamlessly debug Dalvik bytecode and native machine code, for all apps: From Dalvik, step inside JNI methods (native routines) and continue debugging native code. Conversely, after a native method has completed, JEB will resume the Dalvik debugging session.
  • JEB allows debugging of all apps, including those that do not explicitly allow debugging (ARM v7 platform only).
  • Use the JEB Debuggers API to automate tasks such as memory examination or routine hooking for data interception.

This short demo video showcases the Android debuggers.

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