public interface


Class Overview

A value, as defined by the JLS.


Public Methods
abstract char getTypeTag()
A value type tag.
abstract Object getValue()
Retrieve the value.

Public Methods

public abstract char getTypeTag ()

A value type tag. Defined in table ("Interpretation of tag values as types") of the JVM SE8 specifications.

        TAG   TYPE        VALUE TYPE returned by getValue()
        B     byte        byte value
        C     char        character value
        D     double      double value
        F     float       float value
        I     int         integer value
        J     long        long value
        S     short       short value
        Z     boolean     boolean value
        s     String      String value
        e     Enum        the enumeration type string in binary form
        c     Class       the class type string in binary form
        @     Annotation  an IJLSAnnotation reference
        [     Array       an array of the above

public abstract Object getValue ()

Retrieve the value.

  • the actual value type depends on the tag returned by getTypeTag()