public interface


Class Overview

Reference in the Dex unit.


Public Methods
abstract long getEncodedAddress()
Get the encoded address, represented as a long.
abstract int getFlags()
abstract String getInfo()
abstract String getInternalAddress()
Get the internal address.
abstract DexReferenceType getReferenceType()
abstract String getUserAddress()
Get the user (non-internal) string address.

Public Methods

public abstract long getEncodedAddress ()

Get the encoded address, represented as a long. Optional operation.

The 8-byte packed long is encoded as:

 tt oo oo oo oo vv vv vv
 t (1 byte)  : a tag, refer to ITAG_xxx
 o (4 bytes) : optional 32-bit bytecode offset, if tag is ITAG_BYTECODE
 v (3 bytes) : object index in the pool

  • optional, 0 if not provided

public abstract int getFlags ()

public abstract String getInfo ()

public abstract String getInternalAddress ()

Get the internal address. Always present.

public abstract DexReferenceType getReferenceType ()

public abstract String getUserAddress ()

Get the user (non-internal) string address. Optional operation.

  • optional, null if not provided