public class


extends Object

Class Overview

dexdec IR formatting context, providing an output sink and specifications for the output.


Public Constructors
Create a default formatting context.
Public Methods
void angle()
void angleClose()
DFormattingContext append(Object o)
DFormattingContext append(String str)
DFormattingContext append(int i)
DFormattingContext append(char c)
DFormattingContext appendFormat(String format, Object... args)
void appendFormattedType(IJavaType type)
void appendFormattedTypeIf(IJavaType type)
void brace()
void braceClose()
void bracket()
void bracketClose()
IDMethodContext getMethodContext()
boolean isDisplayCanThrow()
boolean isDisplayTypes()
void paren()
void parenClose()
void setDisplayCanThrow(boolean displayCanThrow)
void setDisplayTypes(boolean displayTypes)
void setMethodContext(IDMethodContext ctx)
void space()
String toString()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public DFormattingContext ()

Create a default formatting context. IR types are rendered.

Public Methods

public void angle ()

public void angleClose ()

public DFormattingContext append (Object o)

public DFormattingContext append (String str)

public DFormattingContext append (int i)

public DFormattingContext append (char c)

public DFormattingContext appendFormat (String format, Object... args)

public void appendFormattedType (IJavaType type)

public void appendFormattedTypeIf (IJavaType type)

public void brace ()

public void braceClose ()

public void bracket ()

public void bracketClose ()

public IDMethodContext getMethodContext ()

public boolean isDisplayCanThrow ()

public boolean isDisplayTypes ()

public void paren ()

public void parenClose ()

public void setDisplayCanThrow (boolean displayCanThrow)

public void setDisplayTypes (boolean displayTypes)

public void setMethodContext (IDMethodContext ctx)

ctx optional method context; needed to fetch pool objects (e.g. strings) or fetch effective data

public void space ()

public String toString ()