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Class Overview

Decompiler manager object. The manager is a super-interface of INativeDecompilerUnit and allows the implementation of test decompilers outside of the unit management facility.


Public Methods
abstract ICMasterOptimizer createASTOptimizer(ICMethod m)
abstract IEMasterOptimizer createIROptimizer(IERoutineContext ectx)
abstract IDecompiledItem decompile(INativeItem item, DecompilationContext ctx)
abstract IDecompiledItem decompile(INativeItem item)
abstract IEConverter<?> getConverter()
abstract IDecompiledItem getDecompiledItem(String identifier)
abstract IDecompiledItem getDecompiledItem(INativeItem item)
abstract Collection<IDecompiledItem> getDecompiledItems()
abstract Object getEngine()
Reserved for internal use.
abstract INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager getExtensionsManager()
abstract IEGlobalContext getGlobalContext()
Retrieve the global IR context.
abstract ICGlobalContext getHighLevelContext()
abstract IEGlobalContext getIntermediateContext()
Retrieve the global IR context.
abstract INativeContext getNativeContext()
abstract INativeObjectTracker getObjectTracker()
abstract DecompilerOptions getOptions()
abstract ITypeManager getTypeManager()
Convenience method.
abstract IWildcardTypeManager getWildcardTypeManager()
abstract void onEngineNotification(Object object)
Reserved for internal use.
abstract void removeDecompilation(INativeItem item)
abstract void resetDecompilation(INativeItem item)

Public Methods

public abstract ICMasterOptimizer createASTOptimizer (ICMethod m)

public abstract IEMasterOptimizer createIROptimizer (IERoutineContext ectx)

public abstract IDecompiledItem decompile (INativeItem item, DecompilationContext ctx)

public abstract IDecompiledItem decompile (INativeItem item)

public abstract IEConverter<?> getConverter ()

public abstract IDecompiledItem getDecompiledItem (String identifier)

public abstract IDecompiledItem getDecompiledItem (INativeItem item)

public abstract Collection<IDecompiledItem> getDecompiledItems ()

public abstract Object getEngine ()

Reserved for internal use. The decompiler engine is currently an opaque component.

  • an opaque object

public abstract INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager getExtensionsManager ()

public abstract IEGlobalContext getGlobalContext ()

Retrieve the global IR context. Identical to getIntermediateContext().

public abstract ICGlobalContext getHighLevelContext ()

public abstract IEGlobalContext getIntermediateContext ()

Retrieve the global IR context.

public abstract INativeContext getNativeContext ()

public abstract INativeObjectTracker getObjectTracker ()

public abstract DecompilerOptions getOptions ()

public abstract ITypeManager getTypeManager ()

Convenience method.

public abstract IWildcardTypeManager getWildcardTypeManager ()

public abstract void onEngineNotification (Object object)

Reserved for internal use. The decompiler engine is currently an opaque component.

object an opaque object

public abstract void removeDecompilation (INativeItem item)

public abstract void resetDecompilation (INativeItem item)