public interface


implements IEStatement


Public Methods
abstract void addSideEffectDefinedVariable(IEVar... vars)
abstract void addSideEffectUsedVariable(IEVar... vars)
abstract long getNativeAddress()
abstract String getNativeMnemonic()
abstract IEGeneric getParameterExpression(int index)
abstract List<? extends IEGeneric> getParameterExpressions()
abstract IEGeneric getResultExpression()
abstract List<? extends IEGeneric> getResultExpressions()
abstract Set<? extends IEVar> getSideEffectDefinedVariables()
abstract boolean getSideEffectUseMemory()
abstract Set<? extends IEVar> getSideEffectUsedVariables()
abstract boolean getSideEffectWriteMemory()
abstract Object getTag()
Get the optional default tag.
abstract Object getTag(String key)
Retrieve a tag.
abstract Map<String, Object> getTags()
Retrieve a copy of all the tags.
abstract void setBreakingFlow(IFlowInformation flowinfo)
abstract void setIndirectRoutineCall(IFlowInformation flowinfo)
abstract void setResultExpression(IEGeneric resultExpression)
abstract void setResultExpressions(List<IEGeneric> resultExpressions)
abstract void setRoutineCall(IFlowInformation flowinfo)
abstract void setSideEffectUseMemory(boolean useMemory)
abstract void setSideEffectWriteMemory(boolean writeMemory)
abstract void setTag(String key, Object tag)
Store a tag.
abstract void setTag(Object tag)
Set an optional default tag.
Inherited Methods
From interface com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.units.code.IInstruction
From interface com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.units.code.IInstructionOperand
From interface
From interface

Public Methods

public abstract void addSideEffectDefinedVariable (IEVar... vars)

public abstract void addSideEffectUsedVariable (IEVar... vars)

public abstract long getNativeAddress ()

public abstract String getNativeMnemonic ()

public abstract IEGeneric getParameterExpression (int index)

public abstract List<? extends IEGeneric> getParameterExpressions ()

public abstract IEGeneric getResultExpression ()

public abstract List<? extends IEGeneric> getResultExpressions ()

public abstract Set<? extends IEVar> getSideEffectDefinedVariables ()

public abstract boolean getSideEffectUseMemory ()

public abstract Set<? extends IEVar> getSideEffectUsedVariables ()

public abstract boolean getSideEffectWriteMemory ()

public abstract Object getTag ()

Get the optional default tag.

public abstract Object getTag (String key)

Retrieve a tag.

public abstract Map<String, Object> getTags ()

Retrieve a copy of all the tags. The tag with the null key is the default tag.

public abstract void setBreakingFlow (IFlowInformation flowinfo)

public abstract void setIndirectRoutineCall (IFlowInformation flowinfo)

public abstract void setResultExpression (IEGeneric resultExpression)

public abstract void setResultExpressions (List<IEGeneric> resultExpressions)

public abstract void setRoutineCall (IFlowInformation flowinfo)

public abstract void setSideEffectUseMemory (boolean useMemory)

public abstract void setSideEffectWriteMemory (boolean writeMemory)

public abstract void setTag (String key, Object tag)

Store a tag. Same as getTag(null)

key mandatory key
tag null to remove; else, must be a simple immutable Java object

public abstract void setTag (Object tag)

Set an optional default tag. Same as setTag(null, object). The tag must be serializable.

tag a simple immutable Java object annotated @Ser