Types used by the IR template and IR compiler.


IEMatchVerifier Verifier of an IR pattern and the candidate matched IR expression. 
IEPatternReplacer Custom replacer code for IR pattern. 
INode Expression graph, representing IRE expressions made of IEOperations, restricted IESlices and restricted IEComposes. 
INodeHandler Custom IR-tree-node processor on match. 


ECompiler Compiler of IR expressions, IR statements, IR CFG, IR routines, and IR programs (code and data). 
ECompiler.CompiledExpression A compiled expression. 
ECompiler.CompiledField A compiled field. 
ECompiler.CompiledProgram A compiled program. 
ECompiler.CompiledRoutine A compiled routine. 
ECompiler.CompiledStatement A compiled statement. 
EEquationMatcher A matcher can be used to check if two IR expressions match two provided templates. 
EExpressionGenerator Generate an IR expression from a template. 
EExpressionMatcher Match an IR expression against an IR template. 
EPatternCompiler IR expression pattern compiler. 
EPatternCompiler.EPattern IR expression multi-pattern, consisting of one or more inputs, and zero or one output (for replacement). 
EPatternCompiler.EPattern.P Internal multi-pattern holding an input or output pattern block. 
EPatternMatcher IR pattern search and replace. 
EPatternMatcher.Result Result object provided by a EPatternMatcher
Leaf IR template element. 
Node IR template element. 
OGroup Group of operators for IR templates. 
SubstitutionDefinition Definition of an expression-substitution: input pattern, output pattern 
Util Utility routines to build IR templates. 


O Operator for IR template.