This package and its sub-packages contain the types used to access gendec, JEB's generic decompiler. (Do not confuse gendec with dexdec, the Dex decompiler for Dalvik/Android code.)


IDecompiledClass A class object decompiled by gendec
IDecompiledField A field object decompiled by gendec
IDecompiledItem Top-level type representing an item decompiled by gendec (method, field, class). 
IDecompiledMethod A method object decompiled by gendec
IDynamicContentManager The content manager allows AST rendering facility to retrieve lower-level native information. 
IEConverter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of an IR expression converter, used by the generic decompiler to convert native machine code to an intermediate representation. 
IEGlobalContext Global IR context. 
IERoutineContext Routine (local) IR context. 
IErrorDescription Error description type used to report decompilation errors in items
IGlobalAnalyzer Interface for global analyzers provided by decompiler plugins. 
INativeDecompilerContext Decompiler manager object. 
INativeDecompilerExtension Decompiler extension plugins. 
INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager Definition of the extensions manager for INativeDecompilerUnit
INativeDecompilerUnit<InsnType extends IInstruction> Top-level unit for native decompilers. 
INativeObjectTracker Tracker for native underlying objects used by the decompiler or referenced by decompiled items. 
INativeSourceUnit A specialized source unit representing the output of a native code decompiler. 
ISourceCustomizer Interface for decompiler-C source customizers provided by decompiler plugins. 


AbstractConverter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Skeleton class for code converters. 
AbstractNativeDecompilerExtension Skeleton for native decompiler extensions. 
ACS Auto-converter support class. 
ConverterInstructionEntry<InsnType extends IInstruction> Utility class holding a native instruction being converted to IR. 
DecompilerOptions gendec decompiler options. 
NativeDecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to source files all or a subset of classes or methods of a native code unit. 
SourceCustomizerAdapter Skeleton class for AST (decompiled code) customizers. 


ACS.ExtensionMode Type of size extension for integer. 
ACS.OPS Operators for gendec auto-conversion semantics. 
DecompilationStatus Decompilation status. 
INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager.ExtensionPriority Priorities that can be attributed to an extension. 
NativeDecompilationStage A high-level view of what stage a target being decompiled is at.