IInstructionOperandCMA Operands performing Complex Memory Access (CMA). 
IInstructionOperandGeneric This interface is used to represent the most common types of operands: immediate values, registers, direct addresses (absolute or relative), memory access, etc. 
IInstructionOperandList Operand that contains several operands. 
IInstructionOperandRegisterBased Operands that potentially use registers. 
IInstructionOperandSized Operands with a size. 
IOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> Definition of a simple instruction operand factory. 
IProcessor<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a simple machine code processor. 
IProcessorInformation Basic information about a processor. 
IRegisterBank A bank of registers, consisting of a bank layout and registers data. 
IRegisterBankLayout A layout definition for a bank of registers. 


AbstractImmediateOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> An operand builder for immediates with default values which can be zero-extended or sign-extended (only int and long implementations are supported for now). 
AbstractInstruction<T extends IInstructionOperand> A skeleton implementation of IInstruction
AbstractInstructionManager<T extends IInstruction>  
AbstractInstructionOperandGeneric Reference implementation (partial). 
AbstractInstructionOperandList Defines a list of operands that are bound each others. 
AbstractOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> An operand build that supports an optional value as well as a memory area. 
AbstractProcessor<InsnType extends IInstruction> An abstract implementation of a processor
BytesBlock Represent a block of bytes, with support for byte ordering within byte groups of 16- 32- or 64-bits. 
ImmediateOperandBuilder Default implementation of AbstractImmediateOperandBuilder that build 3 different type of operand: IMM, RELADDR and ADDR. 
Operand A simple implementation of IInstructionOperandGeneric
ProcessorInformation Basic implementation. 
RegisterDescriptionEntry Description of a register. 
RegisterLayoutBridge A layout bridge permits converting from on register layout to another. 



ProcessorException Exception raised by processors when reporting errors found in the machine code to be parsed (eg, invalid opcodes).