Units interfaces related to units processing binary code and bytecode. NOT FINALIZED.


IBasicBlock<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for basic block objects. 
IBasicBlockSkeleton<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for basic block builders. 
ICodeClass A class object. 
ICodeData Do not use. 
ICodeField A filed object. 
ICodeHierarchy Get a tree representing the code hierarchy of a code unit. 
ICodeInstruction A code item wrapping an instruction. 
ICodeItem Definition of a generic code object. 
ICodeMethod Interface representing a method. 
ICodePackage Abstraction for a code package (or namespace). 
ICodeString Definition of a string in a code unit. 
ICodeType A code type. 
ICodeUnit Base interface for units disassembling binary code, such as bytecode, opcodes, object files, executable files. 
IControlFlowGraph<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for control flow graph objects. 
IDecompilerUnit Generic interface for decompilers. 
IEntryPointDescription Definition of an entry-point for code execution, consisting of an address as well as a processor mode. 
IFlowInformation Information relative to flow change (break in the flow, indicating the end of a Basic Block). 
IInstruction A generic interface to represent machine-code or bytecode instructions. 
IInstructionOperand Base definition for instruction operands. 
ILocatedInstruction An addressable instruction. 
ISourceUnit This interface is used to represent source code abstract syntax trees (AST). 


AbstractCodeUnit Skeleton of a code unit. 
AddressableInstruction<InsnType extends IInstruction> Decorator that makes address-less instructions addressable
CFGUtil Utility for IControlFlowGraph
EntryPointDescription An entry-point is a pointer to code bytes with an associated processor mode. 
FlowInformation Default IFlowInformation implementation 
InstructionUtil Instruction utility methods. 
PointerDescription Description of a pointer or pointer to pointer. 


DecompilerOutputType Common types of output produced by IDecompilerUnits.