Types specific to code objects, such as Windows PE, Linux ELF, or Apple Mach-O.


ICodeObjectUnit A common interface for object files that hold machine code such as ELF, PE, or Mach-O. 
ICOFFHeader This interface describes the primary header of a PE/COFF executable file. 
ICOFFSectionHeader This interface describes the section header of a PE/COFF executable file. 
IELFArchRelocatorFacility This top-level interface is to be used by native code plugins providing relocation contexts for a specific architecture. 
IELFDynamicTable Interface for the ELF dynamic table (SHT_DYNAMIC section). 
IELFHeader ELF header information. 
IELFProgramEntry ELF program table entry information. 
IELFRelocationApplicator Apply one specific relocation type. 
IELFRelocationEntry Description of a relocation entry. 
IELFRelocationTable Description of a relocation table, holding relocation entries. 
IELFSectionEntry ELF section table entry information. 
IELFSectionProcessor ELF section processors can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
IELFSymbolEntry An ELF symbol. 
IELFSymbolProcessor Definition of an ELF symbol processors. 
IELFSymbolProcessorFactory ELF symbol processor factories can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
IELFSymbolTable Definition of a symbol table. 
IELFUnit Specialized interface for ELF units. 
ILinkInfoProvider Linker information provider, used by code object's mapper during the relocation and symbol resolution phase. 
ILoaderInformation Basic information held within a code loader unit. 
IPECOFFUnit Base interface for PE and COFF units. 
IPEDataDirectory This interface describes the data directory header of PE executable files. 
IPEOptionalHeader This interface describes the principal header a PE executable file. 
ISegmentInformation Definition of object code segments and sections. 
ISymbolInformation Generic representation of a code symbol information. 


AbstractCodeObjectUnit Convenient base class for code objects. 
CodeObjectUnitUtil Utility routines for ICodeObjectUnit
CoffDebugDirectoryEntry The COFF Debug directory object used by PE units
CompilerType Dynamic enumeration of common compiler types. 
ELF ELF constants and static utility methods. 
ELFPluginsService The ELF plugins service is used to provide custom and architecture-specific facility to the ELF parser
ELFRelocationApplicator<T extends ELFStandardRelocOperations> Base class for ELF relocation applicators. 
ELFRelocationContext ELF relocation contexts can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
ELFStandardRelocator The standard relocator uses standard operations
ELFStandardRelocOperations Default implementation for ELF relocation operations, for a given relocation. 
ELFStringTable Parser for ELF string tables. 
IELFRelocationApplicator.RelocatedFile File where the relocation is applied  
IELFRelocationApplicator.RelocInstance Relocation features needed for application  
IELFSectionProcessor.Result Result of section processing. 
LoaderInformation Standard implementation of the ILoaderInformation interface, that may be used by parsers implementing ICodeObjectUnit
LoaderInformation.Builder Builder of LoaderInformation objects. 
PE Windows PE/COFF constants and static utility methods. 
PEParser A simple PE/PE64 parser (not relying on the IUnit interface) that may be used for convenience purposes. 
ProcessorFamily Dynamic enumeration of general processor families. 
ProcessorType Dynamic enumeration of processor types. 
ProcessorUtil Utility routines for ProcessorType
ProcessorVariant Definition of a processor variant to further customize a ProcessorType
SegmentInformation Standard implementation of the ISegmentInformation interface for segments and sections. 
SubsystemType Dynamic enumeration of subsystems/OS types. 
SymbolInformation Standard implementation of ISymbolInformation
WellKnownProcessorIds A database of well-known and/or common processor and micro-controller identifiers used by ProcessorType


ELF.SymbolLocality Symbol locality (external, internal). 
ELF.WellKnownSection Enumeration of common well-known ELF sections along with their expected type. 
OperatingSystemType Enumeration for high-level operating system types. 
SymbolType Enumeration of common types of symbols used in code objects.