public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.pnfsoftware.jeb.core.units.impl.Comment

Class Overview

Comments are managed by comment managers. A comment can consist of: a primary inline string; a secondary top string; a collection of meta comments (pairs of object/flag). Comments are not immutable, but should not be attempted to be modified directly. Modifications are to be done by a comment manager.


Public Constructors
Comment(String inline)
Comment(String inline, String pre)
Comment(String inline, String pre, Collection<MetaComment> metacoll)
Public Methods
boolean equals(Object obj)
String formatRaw()
String getInline()
Collection<MetaComment> getMetaComments()
Collection<MetaComment> getMetaComments(int flagsMustHave, int flagsCantHave)
String getPre()
int hashCode()
boolean isEmpty()
void setInline(String inline)
void setPre(String pre)
String toString()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public Comment ()

public Comment (String inline)

public Comment (String inline, String pre)

public Comment (String inline, String pre, Collection<MetaComment> metacoll)

Public Methods

public boolean equals (Object obj)

public String formatRaw ()

public String getInline ()

public Collection<MetaComment> getMetaComments ()

public Collection<MetaComment> getMetaComments (int flagsMustHave, int flagsCantHave)

public String getPre ()

public int hashCode ()

public boolean isEmpty ()

public void setInline (String inline)

public void setPre (String pre)

public String toString ()