public class


extends Object
implements ISafeLock
   ↳ com.pnfsoftware.jeb.util.concurrent.SafeLockImpl

Class Overview

Standard implementation of a safe lock, using a serializable reentrant read-write lock. It is highly recommended to use this lock through the safe interface ISafeLock. Direct use of non-auto-closable methods is not recommended.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
String debugFormatStatus()
ReentrantReadWriteLock getInternalLock()
void lock(boolean forWriting)
void lockRead()
void lockWrite()
ACLock ro()
Create an auto-closable read-only lock.
ACLock rw()
Create an auto-closable read-write lock.
void unlock(boolean forWriting)
void unlockRead()
void unlockWrite()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.pnfsoftware.jeb.util.concurrent.ISafeLock

Public Constructors

public SafeLockImpl ()

Public Methods

public String debugFormatStatus ()

public ReentrantReadWriteLock getInternalLock ()

public void lock (boolean forWriting)

public void lockRead ()

public void lockWrite ()

public ACLock ro ()

Create an auto-closable read-only lock.

public ACLock rw ()

Create an auto-closable read-write lock.

public void unlock (boolean forWriting)

public void unlockRead ()

public void unlockWrite ()