Types related to concurrency, synchronization, and external code execution.


ACLock An auto-closable lock. 
IMonitorInfoProvider Thread monitoring details used by the static monitor() method as well as the more complex ThreadMonitor objects. 
ISafeLock Lock creator interface, for read-only locks and read-write locks. 


AbstractAutoClosingLock Base implementation for auto-closable locks. 
AbstractThreadManager A non-static, customizable version of ThreadUtil
ActiveTask A runnable that can control its own execution. 
CommandExec An object to allow the execution of external commands with timeout. 
DaemonExecutors Static routines to create daemon thread pools. 
DaemonThreadManager A thread manager specialized to create daemon threads. 
MonitorInfoAdapter Standard implementation of the IMonitorInfoProvider interface. 
ProcessWrapper Safe wrapper around ProcessBuilder and Process. 
SafeLockImpl Standard implementation of a safe lock, using a serializable reentrant read-write lock. 
SafeLockUtil Utility methods for ISafeLocks. 
ThreadEx<V> An extension of Thread supporting the execution of Callable as well as Runnable. 
ThreadMonitor This class is used to monitor the execution of a target thread. 
ThreadUtil Utility methods to manipulate threads. 
TimedOperationVerifier Enforce time-outs on operations and throw OperationTimedOutException
Watchdog Enforce time-outs on operations and throw OperationTimedOutException
WeakConcurrentMap<K, V> A thread-safe map with weak keys. 
WeakConcurrentMap.WithInlinedExpunction<K, V> A WeakConcurrentMap where stale entries are removed as a side effect of interacting with this map. 
WeakConcurrentSet<V> A thread-safe set with weak values. 


WeakConcurrentSet.Cleaner Determines the cleaning format. 


ConcurrentException This exception can be raised when a concurrency error is detected. 
OperationTimedOutException This exception can be raised when an operation timed out before completion.