ArraySeekableByteChannel Read-only, seekable, byte-array backed channel. 
ByteBufferUtil Utility methods for ByteBuffers. 
ChannelUtil Utility methods for Channels, in particular, SeekableByteChannels. 
DirectByteArrayOutputStream Extend ByteArrayOutputStream to provide direct access to the underlying byte array. 
DirectoryEnumerator Enumerate a directory, with support for recursion and file filter (regex). 
DummyInputStream Dummy reader class: all read operations return 0, and the number of bytes being read is tracked. 
DummyOutputStream Dummy writer class: does not write, simply count the number of bytes being written. 
EndianUtil Byte array to/from primitives with endianness support. 
IO File manipulation routines. 
LEDataInputStream Little-endian version of a DataInputStream. 
LEDataOutputStream Little-endian version of a DataOutputStream. 
NoopInputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
NoopOutputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
StreamWrappers Wrappers for output/input IO streams. 
SubSeekableByteChannel An seekable channel presenting a region of another seekable channel. 


Endianness An enumeration, ser-compatible version of ByteOrder.