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AbstractAnalyzerExtension<InsnType extends IInstruction> Extension of the INativeCodeAnalyzer
AbstractAutoClosingLock Base implementation for auto-closable locks. 
AbstractBinaryUnit This extension class provides basic implementations for methods specific to binary units. 
AbstractCBlockOptimizer Perform a recursive optimizer on ICBlock
AbstractCElementOptimizer Specialized base optimizer for C elements. 
AbstractCFGReorganizer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Facility for CFG graph nodes reordering. 
AbstractClientContext Base context for official JEB clients. 
AbstractCodeObjectUnit Convenient base class for code objects. 
AbstractCodeUnit Skeleton of a code unit. 
AbstractCommandHandler Skeleton for a command handler. 
AbstractCommandInterpreter Skeleton for a command interpreter. 
AbstractCommentManager<C, U extends IInteractiveUnit> An comment manager to be used by IInteractiveUnit
AbstractContext Base context for client contexts and core contexts. 
AbstractConverter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Skeleton class for code converters. 
AbstractCOptimizer Base class for C AST optimizers. 
AbstractCStatementOptimizer Specialized base optimizer for C statements. 
AbstractDebuggerBreakpoint Standard implementation of a breakpoint. 
AbstractDebuggerModule Base implementation of a module. 
AbstractDebuggerThread Base implementation of a debugged thread. 
AbstractDInstrumenter Skeleton for an IR Master Optimizer instrumenter. 
AbstractDOptimizer Base class for dexdec (DEX decompiler) IR optimizer plugins. 
AbstractEBlockOptimizer Skeleton for an IRE basic block optimizer. 
AbstractEExpressionOptimizer Skeleton for a top-down, recursive, IEGeneric optimizer. 
AbstractEExpressionOptimizer.EOR Optimized Expression  
AbstractEncodedMemoryArea Skeleton code. 
AbstractEnginesPlugin Skeleton implementation for engines plugins
AbstractEOptimizer Base class for IR optimizers. 
AbstractEPatternOptimizer Pattern-Matcher-Replacer optimizers run with the policy UPDATE_IF_OPTIMIZED or UPDATE_IF_REQUIRED
AbstractEStatementOptimizer Skeleton for an IRE EStatement statement optimizer. 
AbstractGraphReorganizer<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> Facility for CFG graph nodes reordering and graph address shifting. 
AbstractHtmlFormatter<StyleObject> Abstract Class that helps building HTML outputs. 
AbstractImmediateOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> An operand builder for immediates with default values which can be zero-extended or sign-extended. 
AbstractImmediateOperandBuilder.ImmediateType Extension mode and size for integer immediates. 
AbstractInstruction<T extends IInstructionOperand> A skeleton implementation for instructions. 
AbstractInstructionManager<T extends IInstruction> A skeleton class used to create instruction managers. 
AbstractInstructionOperandGeneric Reference implementation for IInstructionOperandGeneric
AbstractInstructionOperandList Reference implementation for IInstructionOperandList
AbstractInteractiveBinaryUnit Skeleton of an interactive binary unit. 
AbstractInteractiveUnit Skeleton of an interactive unit. 
AbstractInternalDeserializer Base class for deserializers. 
AbstractJBlockOptimizer A specialized skeleton implementation for a method AST optimizer meant to run on every block of AST code of the method, recursively. 
AbstractJOptimizer Base class for dexdec (DEX decompiler) AST optimizer plugins. 
AbstractJStatementOptimizer A specialized skeleton implementation for a method AST optimizer meant to run on every statement of AST code of the method, recursively. 
AbstractMasterOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Standard implementation of a generic master optimizer. 
AbstractMetadataGroup Skeleton of metadata group. 
AbstractNativeDecompilerExtension Skeleton for native decompiler extensions. 
AbstractNativeDecompilerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Base implementation of an INativeDecompilerPlugin
AbstractNativeDisassemblerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Base implementation of a INativeDisassemblerPlugin
AbstractNativePlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Common implementation for native plugins (disassemblers, gendec-based decompilers). 
AbstractOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> An operand builder that supports an optional value as well as a memory area. 
AbstractOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Skeleton for a generic artifact optimizer. 
AbstractPlugin Skeleton implementation of JEB plugins. 
AbstractProcessor<InsnType extends IInstruction> An abstract implementation of a processor
AbstractQuestionNotification<T> Blocking client notification that requires a client-provided response. 
AbstractRegisterBank Base implementation of a registers bank layout. 
AbstractRegisterBank2 Abstract class to create a processors' register banks. 
AbstractRegisterData Common base implementation of a bank of registers. 
AbstractTableDocument An adapter class for table documents. 
AbstractTextDocument A skeleton implementation of a text document. 
AbstractTextPartAsDocumentProxy This utility class allows clients to view a part of a document as a virtual, whole document. 
AbstractThreadManager A non-static, customizable version of ThreadUtil
AbstractTransientUnitRepresentation Base class for transient unit representations, which are not serialized. 
AbstractTreeDocument An adapter for non-table trees. 
AbstractTypeIdProvider Base class for a type-id provider used for serialization. 
AbstractUnit Skeleton implementation for an IUnit
AbstractUnitIdentifier Skeleton implementation for an IUnitIdentifier class (aka, a Parser). 
AbstractUnitPlugin Skeleton implementation. 
AbstractUnitProvider Default serializable abstract implementation of IUnitProvider
AbstractUnitRepresentation A skeleton class for unit document presentations. 
AbstractValueComposite A composite value, typically, an array or an object. 
AbstractValueNumber Typed value that has an inner representation as a number. 
AbstractValuePrimitive A simple value made of a single piece of data. 
AbstractVirtualMemory A skeleton implementation for virtual memory classes. 
AbstractVisitResults<T> Skeleton implementation for visit result objects. 
ACLock An auto-closable lock. 
ACS Auto-converter support class. 
ACS.ExtensionMode Type of size extension for integer. 
ACS.OPS Operators for gendec auto-conversion semantics. 
ActionAutoRenameAllData This action class holds information for the AUTO_RENAME_ALL action. 
ActionCommentData This action class holds information for to the COMMENT action. 
ActionContext Context of pre-execution and execution for an action
ActionConvertData This action class holds information for to the CONVERT action. 
ActionCreatePackageData This action class holds information for to the CREATE_PACKAGE action. 
ActionData Base action data class. 
ActionDeleteData This action class holds information for to the DELETE action. 
ActionMoveToData This action class holds information for the MOVE_TO action. 
ActionMoveToPackageData This action class holds information for the MOVE_TO_PACKAGE action. 
ActionOverridesData This action class holds information for the QUERY_OVERRIDES action. 
ActionRenameData This action class holds information for the RENAME action. 
ActionReplaceData This action class holds information for to the REPLACE action. 
Actions This class defines well-known actions. 
ActionSetTypeData This action class holds information for to the PROVIDE_TYPE_HINT action. 
ActionTypeHierarchyData This action class holds information for to the QUERY_TYPE_HIER action. 
ActionXrefsData This action class holds information for to the QUERY_XREFS action. 
ActiveTask A runnable that can control its own execution. 
AdbDevice Description of an Android device. 
AdbDeviceAndPackage A bundle of AdbDevice and AdbPackage
AdbDeviceAndProcess A bundle of AdbDevice and AdbProcess
AdbDeviceStatus The status of an Android device. 
AdbException Exception raised to report ADB errors. 
AdbForwardType Types of ADB forwards. 
AdbPackage Description of an Android package. 
AdbPackageManagerOptions Options of the Android's pm tool. 
AdbProcess Rrepresent an Android process entry, also a parser of ps output. 
AdbResult Represent a result from the command adb
AdbUtil Utility code to locate adb on the current system. 
AdbWrapper A controller for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool. 
AdbWrapperFactory A factory for ADB controllers. 
AddressableInstruction<InsnType extends IInstruction> Decorator that makes address-less instructions addressable
AddressConversionLists IR-offset to/from native-address conversion lists. 
AddressConversionPrecision Define the format precision of an address. 
AddressFormatter A native memory address formatter. 
AddressFormatter.AddressBase Rendering base. 
AddressHashMap<V> A concurrent map whose keys are 'addresses' hardcoded as unsigned long
AddressHashSet A concurrent set whose values are 'addresses' hardcoded as unsigned long
AddressPrefixMetadataGroup A metadata group which filters by address prefix. 
AddressSegmentMap<T extends ISegment<Long>> Segment-map specialized to handle memory addresses, up to 64-bit. 
AddressTreeMap<V> A concurred ordered map whose keys are 'addresses' hardcoded as unsigned long
AddressTreeSet A concurrent ordered set whose values are 'addresses' hardcoded as unsigned long
AggregatorDispatcher An event aggregator-dispatcher. 
AlphanumCharComparator A character comparator that sort strings using a specific order. 
Anchor A simple implementation of an anchor. 
AndroidDeviceUtil Useful routines when debugging Android devices. 
AndroidPlatformABI Well-known Android-supported Application Binary Interfaces. 
AndroidSdkUtil Utility routines to retrieve the Android SDK and Android NDK locations. 
ApkManifestHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an Android APK Manifest. 
ApkManifestHelper.ActivityDescription Short description of an APK activity end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.AndroidSystemType Types of Android systems. 
ApkManifestHelper.ApplicationDescription Description of the APK's application. 
ApkManifestHelper.EndPointDescription Short description of APK end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.EndPointType Types of APK end-points. 
ApkManifestHelper.IntentFilterDescription Short description of an intent filter. 
ApkManifestHelper.IntentFilterDescriptions A collection of intent filters. 
ApkManifestHelper.ProviderDescription Short description of an APK provider end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.ReceiverDescription Short description of an APK received end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.ServiceDescription Short description of an APK service end-point. 
APKSigSchemeV2Block This class represents an APK Signature Scheme v2 Block
APKSigSchemeV3Block The APK signature scheme version 3 is an extension of version 2. 
ApkStringResHelper Gather APK string resources to make them easily retrievable by client code, such as disassembly generators for IDexUnit
ApkXmlResourceHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an Android XML resource. 
ArrayList1<E> A list ideally suited to contain 0 or 1 element. 
ArraySeekableByteChannel Read-only, seekable, byte-array backed channel. 
ArrayUtil Utility methods for arrays. 
Artifact Basic implementation for a named artifact that takes a flexible IInput object. 
AsciiDocument A text document used to represent textual data, on a best-effort basis. 
AssemblyItem Class for code items. 
Assert A replacement for built-in asserts. 
AssetManager Manager for Core assets. 
AsyncEventQueue<E> Highly efficient, loosely bounded concurrent pseudo-queue for single-reader/multiple-writers scenarios. 
AutoCloseable2 An extension of AutoCloseable whose close method does not throw exceptions. 
AutocompletionResult An object representing the result of an autocompletion request. 
AutoLabelPolicy Label retrieval policy used ILabelManager, specifically getLabel()


BadEncodingException This exception may be raised when an encoding or decoding error is detected. 
Base64 Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation. 
Base64.InputStream A Base64.InputStream will read data from another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly. 
Base64.OutputStream A Base64.OutputStream will write data to another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly. 
BashHelper Helper to interact with bash terminals. 
BasicBlock<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> This class represents a basic block of generic instructions. 
BasicBlock<InsnType extends IInstruction> This class represents a basic block of generic instructions. 
BasicBlockBuilder<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> Used to construct a BasicBlock
BigIntegers A collection of BigInteger utility routines. 
BiMap<K, V> A bidirectional map of key-values. 
BinaryPattern Basic implementation of a binary pattern. 
BinaryPatternVerifier A collection of binary patterns and a verifier for them. 
BinaryWrapperUnit Simple wrapper (decorator) for IBinaryUnit
Bitmap A fast, efficient bitmap making optimal use of memory. 
BookmarkManager Bookmark manager used by JEB projects. 
BookmarkManager.Bookmark Definition of a bookmark. 
BooleanOptionDefinition Boolean option description used by property definition managers. 
Booleans Utility methods for boolean objects and primitives. 
BranchTarget Standard implementation of a branch target. 
BufferSink A sink storing the logs in a list of strings. 
ButtonGroupType Button group types to be used in dialog boxes. 
ByteArray Primitive reader for little-endian byte arrays. 
ByteBufferUtil Utility methods for ByteBuffers. 
BytePipe A dynamic byte array (pipe). 
Bytes Utility methods for byte
BytesBlock Represent a block of bytes, with support for byte ordering within byte groups of 16- 32- or 64-bits. 
BytesInput An input object backed by an array of bytes. 


CacheMap<K, V> A simple CacheMap, with optional support for cached entries ordering. 
CallableWithProgressCallback<V> Base class for Callable targets providing an IProgressCallback
CallGraphVertex Vertex in a callgraph. 
CallingConvention Standard implementation of a calling convention object. 
CallingConvention.ArgLocationGenerator Storage-location generator for routine arguments (inputs). 
CallingConvention.RetLocationGenerator Storage-location generator for routine return values (outputs). 
CallingConventionBuilder Builder of CallingConvention objects. 
CallingConventionName Dynamic enumeration of well-known (and maybe not so) calling convention names. 
CallingConventionService The calling convention service is a global registry maintaining calling conventions used by native code objects. 
CallingConventionUtil Utility routines for calling convention objects. 
CborConstants Constant values used by the CBOR format. 
CborDecoder Provides a decoder capable of handling CBOR encoded data from a InputStream. 
CborEncoder Provides an encoder capable of encoding data into CBOR format to a given OutputStream. 
CborType Represents the various major types in CBOR, along with their . 
CDocument C AST document used to render a decompiled piece of native code. 
CElementType A list of C AST element types. 
Cell A simple implementation of an actionable visual cell item. 
CellCoordinates Simple implementation of cell coordinates. 
CEntityType Type of decompiled C entity. 
CentralDirFileHeader Representation of the central directory header of a Zip file. 
CEnvironment Simulation environment. 
CFBytesTrie<T> A trie map specialized to handle context-free (CF) binary strings. 
CFBytesTrie.IKeyExtractor<T> The key extractor provides the bytes (to be used in the trie) for an element to be stored in the trie. 
CFBytesTrie.Node A node in the trie. 
CFG<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> This class represents a Control Flow Graph for a method, or more generally, any body of code. 
CFG<InsnType extends IInstruction> This class represents a Control Flow Graph for a method (routine) or any body of code. 
CFGFormatter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Customizable CFG formatter. 
CFGUtil Utility code for IControlFlowGraph
CFGUtil Static utility routines for control flow graphs. 
CFGUtil.BlockGroup Given a start block A and an end block B, find the group of blocks G flowing from A to B, such that: 1) all blocks in G are reachable from A; 2) no blocks in G are reachable from B. 
CFGUtil.DotFileGenerator GraphViz generator for CFG objects. 
CFGUtil.RegionFinder This class attempts to determine a region in a graph. 
CfgVerificationException This exception is raised when a CFG failed verification. 
CFGVerifier<InsnType extends IInstruction> Verifier of control flow graphs. 
ChainedOperationResult<T> Generic object representing the result of a unit of work (an operation) that is part of a chain of operations. 
ChainedOperationResult.ContinuationStatus Status code to indicate if the result is meaningful and if the next operation should be performed. 
ChainType Type of data flow analysis chain. 
ChannelHelper Helper for Channels, in particular, SeekableByteChannels. 
ChannelUtil Utility methods for Channels, in particular, SeekableByteChannels. 
Characters Utility methods for character or any number interpreted as character. 
CharSequenceList Manager for a list of CharSequence, itself a CharSequence. 
CharSequences Utility methods for character sequences. 
Charsets Character set utility methods. 
CIdentifierClass Class of a C identifier. 
CKeyword C keywords and reserved tokens. 
ClassCoordinates Class coordinates for bytecode code units. 
ClasspathCollector Collect classpaths and build a ClassLoader object using those paths. 
ClientNotification Event notification data for clients. 
ClientNotificationLevel Notification level for ClientNotification
CMasterOptimizer Master optimizer for the C AST generated code. 
CMethodSimulator Pseudo-C method simulator. 
CMethodSimulatorUtils Utility methods. 
CMethodState State of a simulated method. 
CMethodState.ControlWord Control word. 
CodeAnalyzerUtil Utility methods for the generic code analyzer. 
CodeAnchor Named anchors for code documents. 
CodeCommentManager<U extends ICodeUnit> A comment manager for code units
CodeConstant A code constant object is a literal with a name and a fixed value. 
CodeConstantManager A manager for Integer, Long and String constants. 
CodeCoordinatesUtil Utility methods for ICodeCoordinates implementing classes. 
CodeDocument A text document base class for units that wish to output code (eg, assembly code, high level code). 
CodeDocumentPart A document part specific to code outputs. 
CodeGapAnalysisStyle Types of analysis for gaps in code areas. 
CodelessLibraryID Make it a dynamic enum for users to add its own libraries? 
CodelessSignatureManager Manage a set of ExecutableModel, such that an unknown binary can be matched against these models (see {match(INativeCodeUnit, CodelessSignaturePackageEntry)), or identified as containing code from the models (see {identifyLibraries(INativeCodeUnit)). 
CodelessSignaturePackageEntry Represent a codeless signature package available through CodelessSignatureManager
CodeLine Class for code lines. 
CodeNodeUtil Convenience methods to filter ICodeNodes. 
CodeObjectUnitUtil Utility routines for ICodeObjectUnit
CodePointer Standard implementation of a pointer to code. 
CodeUtil Utility routines for code units. 
CoffDebugDirectoryEntry The COFF Debug directory object used by PE units
CollectionOrder List of collection orderings. 
CollectionUtil Convenience methods for Java Collection collections, in particular, List lists. 
CommandExec An object to allow the execution of external commands with timeout. 
CommandParameter Definition of a command's parameter. 
Comment Comments are managed by comment managers
CommentGenerator A comment generator for CodeDocuments. 
CommentManager Basic implementation using String addressing only. 
CommonsConfigurationWrapper This class wraps Apache Commons Configuration v2 objects. 
CompilerType Dynamic enumeration of common compiler types. 
ConcurrentException This exception can be raised when a concurrency error is detected. 
ConcurrentHashSet<E> The set version of a ConcurrentHashMap. 
ConcurrentList<T> A concurrent version of ArrayList. 
ConfigurationMemoryMap Configuration implementation where objects are stored in a hash-map in memory. 
Constants Constants used by the floating controller. 
ConstantsFormatter A formatter for a series code constants. 
ContainerFactory Container factory for creating containers for JSON object and JSON array. 
ContainerUnit Container units are non-binary units used to represent tree structures. 
ContentHandler A simplified and stoppable SAX-like content handler for stream processing of JSON text. 
ContextAccessType Define the type of context-access performed by an Android method. 
ControllerInfo Floating controller information. 
ControllerNotification Notification issued by floating controllers to the clients. 
Conversion Utility methods for safe conversions of strings or boxed representations of numbers, to numbers. 
ConverterInstructionEntry<InsnType extends IInstruction> Utility class holding a native instruction being converted to IR. 
Coordinates A simple implementation of the ICoordinates interface. 
CoordinatesConversionPrecision Precision and mode of conversion for string addresses. 
COperatorType Operator types are used to build operators used by AST components, eg, in operations
COperatorType.Associativity Operator associativity (left, right). 
CoreOptions Public options for ICoreContext
Couple<A, B> Handy class holding two typed elements. 
COutputSink This output sink is the recipient for the generation of a C-like Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). 
CppLikeDocumentPart Text document part containing code similar to C++ source code (ex: C, Java). 
CSimulationException Simulator exception. 
CSimulationLogger Log of a method simulation done by CMethodSimulator
CUtil Utility methods to manipulate AST elements
CUtil.BreakFlowStatus Status of a flow breaker AST statement. 
CVisitResults Visit result object, provided to the call-back methods of an AST visitor object. 


DaemonExecutors Static routines to create daemon thread pools. 
DaemonThreadManager A thread manager specialized to create daemon threads. 
DalvikCallgraphBuilder Specialized builder for Dalvik Dex call-graphs. 
DalvikInstructionOpcodes List of Dalvik instruction opcodes. 
DalvikParserError Error objects generated by the Dalvik parser. 
DalvikParserErrorType Types for errors generated by the Dalvik parser. 
DataChainsUpdatePolicy Post-optimizer update policy for data chains. 
DataContainerUnit Container units used to recursively process virtual folders and data blobs. 
DataContainerUnit.Entry Node of a container unit. 
DataGapAnalysisStyle Types of analysis for gaps in data areas. 
DataHints Hints for native data items. 
DataProvider Simple implementation of a data provider. 
DataProviderAdapter An empty data provider. 
DataStringUtil Utility methods to facilitate the creation of string items by the INativeDataAnalyzer
DateFormatter Utility methods to format dates. 
DCopyOptions IR element copy() options. 
DebuggerConnectorClass Lit of connector types. 
DebuggerEventData Standard implementation of the event data associated to debugger events. 
DebuggerEventType Debugger event types. 
DebuggerException Exceptions of this type are raised by debugger modules
DebuggerHelper Helper routines for debugger units
DebuggerMachineInformation Standard implementation of a machine information object. 
DebuggerOperationType Basic operation types. 
DebuggerProcessInformation Standard implementation. 
DebuggerSetupInformation Information about a target to be debugged and the wanted debugging settings. 
DebuggerSuspendPolicy Thread or process suspension types. 
DebuggerTargetInformation Standard implementation. 
DebuggerThreadStatus Statuses of a debugged thread. 
DebuggerUtil Utility methods for IDebuggerUnit
DebugInformationPolicy Policies about how to retrieve and use debug information. 
DecompilationContext Decompilation context holding information about a decompilation and its results, as well as decompilation options. 
DecompilationOptions Decompilation options used in DecompilationContexts. 
DecompilationOptions.Builder Builder of decompilation options. 
DecompilationResult Decompilation result information. 
DecompilationStatus Decompilation status. 
DecompilerException Top-level recoverable exception raised by JEB native decompiler components. 
DecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to source files all or a subset of classes or methods of a code unit. 
DecompilerHelper Helper routines for decompiler units
DecompilerOptions gendec decompiler options. 
DecompilerOutputType Common types of output produced by IDecompilerUnits. 
DefaultJFlexLexer This is a default, and abstract implementation of a Lexer using JFLex with some utility methods that Lexers can implement. 
DeferredRequestsCollector This object is used to hold requests for decompilations. 
DefUseInfo Def-use information object provided by instruction for data-flow analysis purposes. 
DemoLimitationException Raised when the program encounters demo-version limitations. 
DEmuExternalPolicy The emulation policy for API methods relying or depending on the execution environment, the date and time, and random number generators. 
Deserializer This class allows the deserialization of a stream of bytes into object(s). 
DeserializerHelper Deserializer helper used by custom load() routines. 
DevPluginClassname These objects represent classnames of plugins that are currently being developed. 
DexCommentManager A comment manager for dex units
DexConstantLibrary A manager for constant and pseudo-constant fields of a dex unit. 
DexDebugVariableBundle A collection of IDexDebugVariable
DexDecConversionException A Dalvik-to-IR conversion exception. 
DexDecEvalCodeThrownException Those objects are used to wrap throwables raised by the emulated code. 
DexDecEvalItercountExceededException The emulation is taking too long (maximum iteration count exceeded). 
DexDecEvalSandboxExecutionException An error occurred while executing code in the emulator-controlled sandbox. 
DexDecEvalStubException An internal exception used when attempting to emulate a method whose body was removed. 
DexDecEvalTimeoutExceededException The emulation is taking too long (timeout exceeded). 
DexDecEvaluationException This exception and its sub-types are throw by the State components and evaluate methods. 
DexDecNativeEvalFailedException An error occurred while evaluating native code. 
DexDecompilerEvent<T> Events generated by Dex decompilers. 
DexDecompilerEventQueue An async-queue holding events generated by Dex decompilers. 
DexDecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to *.java files all or a subset of classes or methods of a Dex unit
DexDisassemblyProperties Properties of a Dex code disassembly document. 
DExecutionParameters dexdec IR emulation parameters object. 
DexMethodHandleType Method handle types. 
DexParsingException This exception may be raised when an error is encountered when parsing a Dex file. 
DexPoolType An enumeration of Dex pool types. 
DexReferenceType Types of Dex references held in IDexAddress objects. 
DexUtil Dex utility routines. 
DFA4<InsnType extends IInstruction> Lean Data Flow Analysis (DFA) object implementation. 
DFAUtil Utility routines for Data Flow Analysis objects (see IDFA and its implementation DFA4). 
DFormattingContext dexdec IR formatting context, providing an output sink and specifications for the output. 
Digraph A directed graph object, cyclic or acyclic. 
Digraph.E Oriented edge with optional weight. 
Digraph.V Vertex of a directed graph. 
DInvokeType dexdec IR types of invocation, used to specify IDCallInfo
DirectByteArrayOutputStream Extend ByteArrayOutputStream to provide direct access to the underlying byte array. 
DirectEncodedMemoryArea Represent a memory Area in code. 
DirectoryEnumerator List (full in-memory enumeration) or iterate over a directory contents, with support for recursion and regex file filters. 
DisjointSets<T> This type represents disjoint sets. 
DOpcodeType This enumeration defines the opcode types of the intermediate representation (IR) instructions used by dexdec
DOptimizerType dexdec IR optimizer type. 
DTypeInfo Type information object used to collect typing results when propagating types through an SSA'ed IR. 
DTypeInfo.TypingConlict Details about a typing conflict. 
DUI Def-use information object provided by IDFA implementation. 
DummyInputStream Dummy reader class: all read operations return 0, and the number of bytes being read is tracked. 
DummyOutputStream Dummy writer class: does not write, simply count the number of bytes being written. 
DUtil dexdec IR access and manipulation utility methods. 
DVisitResults Visit result object, provided to the call-back methods of a dexdec IR visitor object. 
Dwarf DWARF Constants. 
Dwarf.DwarfAttribute DWARF attributes. 
Dwarf.DwarfBaseTypeAttributeEncoding DWARF base type attribute encodings. 
Dwarf.DwarfForm DWARF forms. 
Dwarf.DwarfFormType DWARF form types. 
Dwarf.DwarfTag DWARF tags. 
DynamicEnum<E extends DynamicEnum<E>> Base class for dynamic enumerations. 


EBranchDetails Standard implementation. 
ECFGFormatter Specialized formatter specifically for IR CFG. 
ECompiler Compiler of IR expressions, IR statements, IR CFG, IR routines, and IR programs (code and data). 
ECompiler.CompiledExpression A compiled expression. 
ECompiler.CompiledField A compiled field. 
ECompiler.CompiledProgram A compiled program. 
ECompiler.CompiledRoutine A compiled routine. 
ECompiler.CompiledStatement A compiled statement. 
EDefUseInfo Specialized def-use information object for IR statements. 
EditablePluginInformation Editable plugins information offer setters to mutate some plugin-info properties such as the name or description. 
EEmulator IR emulator, a controller for an IR state
EEmulator.Metadata IR emulator metadata. 
EEmuUtil Utility code IR emulators
EEquationMatcher A matcher can be used to check if two IR expressions match two provided templates. 
EExpressionGenerator Generate an IR expression from a template. 
EExpressionMatcher Match an IR expression against an IR template. 
EffectiveFinalityType Define the effective finality of a Dex field. 
ELF ELF constants and static utility methods. 
ELF.SymbolLocality Symbol locality (external, internal). 
ELF.WellKnownSection Enumeration of common well-known ELF sections along with their expected type. 
ELFPluginsService The ELF plugins service is used to provide custom and architecture-specific facility to the ELF parser
ELFRelocationApplicator<T extends ELFStandardRelocOperations> Base class for ELF relocation applicators. 
ELFRelocationContext ELF relocation contexts can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
ELFStandardRelocator The standard relocator uses standard operations
ELFStandardRelocOperations Default implementation for ELF relocation operations, for a given relocation. 
ELFStringTable Parser for ELF string tables. 
ELocation IR location object, holding an IR context and an IR statement offset. 
EMasterOptimizer Standard master optimizer for CFG of IEStatement IR instructions. 
EncodedMemoryAreaList Contains a list of memory areas and acts as if they were adjacent. 
EncodedMemoryAreaUtil Utility routines for IEncodedMemoryArea
Endianness An enumeration version of ByteOrder. 
EndianUtil Byte array to/from primitives with endianness support. 
EndOfCentralDir Representation of the end of central directory of a Zip file. 
EnginesContextUtil Utility routines for JEB Engines context
EnginesPropertiesUtil Utility class to handle (parse and get, build and save) some JEB back-end properties. 
Enums Utility code for enumerations (enum). 
Env Helper to retrieve system environment variables or, as a fallback, local environment variables provided by a Bash interactive shell (on non-Windows systems). 
EPatternCompiler IR expression pattern compiler. 
EPatternCompiler.EPattern IR expression multi-pattern, consisting of one or more inputs, and zero or one output (for replacement). 
EPatternCompiler.EPattern.P Internal multi-pattern holding an input or output pattern block. 
EPatternMatcher IR pattern search and replace. 
EPatternMatcher.Result Result object provided by a EPatternMatcher
EPrototypeHandler Standard implementation used to handle wildcard prototypes. 
ErrorLogGenerator An error log generator. 
EState An IR machine state object, onto which stand-alone evaluations or full emulation can be performed. 
EState.Frame An emulated stack frame. 
EState.PointerSanitizer Pointer sanitizer interface, used to generate a valid address from a pointer value. 
EStateDumper Dump the memory and registers of an EState object to files (img_xxx and registers). 
ETypeInfo Type information and events (types successfully applied, recorded conflicts, etc.) generated when applying wildcard types to IR expressions. 
ETypeInfo.Entry Type information entry. 
EUtil Utility methods to manipulate IR expressions
EvaluationException IR evaluation exception. 
EVarCopyFinder Retrieve variables underlying variable copies generated after an SSA pass. 
Event Simple implementation of an event. 
EventSource Standard implementation for an event source. 
EVisitResults Visit result object, provided to the call-back methods of a gendec IR visitor object. 
ExceptionNotification A special type of ClientNotification, used to report (forward) exceptions or errors to the client(s). 
ExecutionResult An object representing the result of execution of an action, including a type integer (return code) and a message string. 
ExecutionTargetWithProgressCallback A support class providing IProgressCallback proxy facility for Runnable and Callable. 


FastLongSet A (small) set of long values backed by a Bitmap for fast insertion/retrieval and zero allocation at run-time. 
FieldCoordinates Field coordinates for bytecode code units. 
FileContainerUnit Container units used to represent folders and files. 
FileInput An input backed by a file. 
FileInputRegionInformation Location information within binary input. 
FileMonitor File monitors can be used to create and retrieve lock on a file for exclusive operations. 
FileType Simple file type determination routine primarily based on path extension, and optionally, file contents. 
Flags Bit flags object, int based (allow 32 bit flags). 
FlowInformation Default IFlowInformation implementation 
Formatter A collection of binary and number formatting and escaping methods. 
FormEntry<T> Abstract class for form entry types used to create IGraphicalClientContext#displayForm(String, String, FormEntry...) form dialogs. 
FormEntry.Text Textual form entry. 
FormFileEntry An entry used in POST multi-part requests. 
Func Definition of a function for codeless signatures; these can be known library functions or unknown functions. 
FunctionOptype Custom operator ("function") used to build custom operations
FunctionOptypeFactory Factory object for custom operators. 


GenericCodeFormatter<InsnType extends IInstruction> A base formatter used by the INativeCodeUnit
GenericZipEntry<T extends ZipEntry> A read-only, generic view of a Zip entry. 
GlobalLog Global logging facility used by JEB. 
GraphDialogExtensions Optional extension used to customize and provide action handlers for graph dialogs
GraphDialogExtensions.EdgeStyle Edge styles for rendering. 
GraphDialogExtensions.LayoutMode Graph rendering mode. 
GraphDialogExtensions.VertexShape Vertex shape for rendering. 
Guid GUID - 128-bit UUID objects. 


Hash Hash calculation routines. 
HashCalculator Memory and CPU efficient way to compute message digests. 
HashedList<E> A List type suitable for long lists of unique items for which presence checks are often required. 
HeadlessClientContext Headless client context for the command-line client. 
HexDumpDocument A text document used to represent binary data as a standardized hex-dump text blob. 
HtmlFormatter Utility class to generate basic HTML pages. 
HtmlFormatter Collection of methods to work on and generate HTML documents. 
HtmlTextDocumentFormatter Formatter that converts an ITextDocument to a rich html output. 
HtmlTypedContentProperties Properties of an HTML TypedContent


IActionableCell A table cell whose contents is actionable. 
IActionableItem An active item has an item identifier. 
IActionableNode A tree node whose contents is actionable. 
IActionableTextItem Convenience interface for text items containing styling information (IVisualTextItem) and action information (IActionableItem). 
IActionData Interface for ActionXxxData classes. 
IActionDefinition Definition class for custom actions. 
IAddressableDigraphBuilder A builder of directed graphs whose vertices can be assigned and retrieved by String addresses. 
IAddressableUnit Addressable units allow the retrieval of unit objects via object identifiers and addresses. 
IAliasType Alias type representing typedefs. 
IAnchor Definition of an anchor. 
IApkUnit Interface for units representing Android "application packages", aka APK files. 
IApplicationDatabase Currently not in use. 
IArchiveUnit Represent an archive Unit (zip, jar, tar, apk ...). 
IArrayType The array type. 
IArtifact Base interface for artifacts. 
IAsciiable Interface for objects supporting encoding to an ascii string. 
IAutocompleteListProvider Provide the AutocompletionResult
IBasicBlock<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for CFG's basic block objects. 
IBasicBlockSkeleton<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for basic block builders. 
IBinaryFrames Binary frames are used to serialize list of byte arrays into a single byte array. 
IBinaryPattern Definition of a binary pattern. 
IBinaryRepresentation The binary representation of a text document. 
IBinaryUnit Methods in this interface are specific to units that take binary data (bytes) as input. 
IBranchResolution Branch resolution data for a dynamic callsite. 
IBranchTarget Definition of a branch target. 
ICallGraph Callgraphs represent control flow relationships between routines. 
ICallGraphManager Interface for the native call graph manager, associated to INativeCodeModel
ICallingConvention A calling convention object. 
ICallingConventionManager A calling convention manager provides calling convention definitions for a given processor. 
ICArrayElement C AST interface to represent the element of an array. 
ICAssignment C AST interface to represent assignments. 
ICBlock C AST interface to represent a sequence of statements
ICBreak C AST interface to represent a break statement. 
ICCall C AST interface to represent a routine call. 
ICClass C AST "class" objects are top-level AST objects that can be retrieved by a ICClassFactory
ICClassFactory C AST ICClass factory. 
ICCompound C AST interface to represent compound statements. 
ICConditionalStatement Base class for CAST conditional statements (if, switch). 
ICConstant<T> Top-level C AST interface to represent a literal or constant value. 
ICConstantFactory Builder for C AST constants. 
ICConstantFloat<T> Generic C AST interface used to represent float literals. 
ICConstantFloat32 C AST interface used to represent single-precision float literals. 
ICConstantFloat64 C AST interface used to represent double-precision float literals. 
ICConstantInteger<T> Generic C AST interface used to represent integer literals. 
ICConstantInteger32 C AST interface used to represent 32-bit integer literals. 
ICConstantInteger64 C AST interface used to represent 64-bit integer literals. 
ICConstantIntegerLarge C AST interface used to represent arbitrary-legth integer literals. 
ICConstantPointer C AST interface used to represent pointer literals. 
ICConstantString C AST interface used to represent string literals. 
ICContinue C AST interface to represent a continue statement. 
ICControlBreaker C AST interface for flow breaker (break, continue, goto). 
ICCustomStatement A custom C statement. 
ICDecl C AST interface representing the declaration of a typed identifier
ICDecompilableElement Top-level C AST interface representing a decompilable element under an ICSource
ICDoWhileStm C AST interface to represent a do-while loop statement. 
ICElement Top-level interface for all elements of a C Abstract Syntax Tree
ICElementFactory Factory interface for common AST objects. 
ICell A table cell definition, the main constituent of ITableRows. 
ICellCoordinates Coordinates for cells of a table. 
ICertificateUnit Unit type representing cryptography certificates such as X509. 
ICExpression High-level interface implemented by C AST elements representing expressions. 
ICFGOwnerContext Definition of a context owning or managing a control flow graph. 
ICField C AST field objects are top-level objects that can be retrieved by a ICFieldFactory
ICFieldFactory C AST ICField factory. 
ICForStm C AST interface used to represent a standard for loop statement. 
ICGenericBreakable Super interface for C AST breakable compounds (loops, switches). 
ICGenericLoop Super interface for C AST loops (for, do-while, while). 
ICGenericWhileLoop C AST interface for while-like loops (while, do-while). 
ICGlobalContext gendec global context for C AST generation. 
ICGoto C AST interface to represent a "goto" statement. 
ICIdentifier C AST interface to represent an identifier, or variable. 
ICIdentifierManager Factory for C variables. 
ICIfStm C AST interface to represent a conditional "if" statement. 
ICInstanceField An instance field C AST element represent the field of an instantiated structure or class. 
ICJumpFar C AST element representing a "long jump". 
ICLabel C AST label interfaces are immutable AST elements created by an ICLabelFactory
ICLabelFactory A manager of ICLabel
IClassManager Interface for a manager of class types and related objects. 
IClassRebuilder Interface for plugins performing object classes discovery and reconstruction. 
IClassType Interface to represent native class types. 
ICLeftExpression High-level interface is used to represent C AST expressions that can be assigned to, that is, expressions that can be left members in assignment statements. 
IClientContext This important interface represents a client context for scripting. 
ICMasterOptimizer Base interface for AST master optimizers. 
ICMethod C AST method objects are top-level AST objects that can be retrieved by a ICMethodFactory
ICMethodFactory C AST ICMethod factory. 
ICNamingEngine A naming engine is used to generate ICIdentifier names. 
ICodeClass A class object. 
ICodeCoordinates Tagging interface for code item coordinates used by code units and their documents. 
ICodeData Definition of a code unit's data object. 
ICodeDocument Minimal set of functionalities offered by code documents. 
ICodeField A field object. 
ICodeHierarchy Get a tree representing the code hierarchy of a code unit. 
ICodeInstruction A code item wrapping an instruction. 
ICodeItem Definition of a generic code object. 
ICodeMethod Interface representing a method. 
ICodeNode A special interface for nodes holding code items. 
ICodeObjectUnit A common interface for object files that hold machine code such as ELF, PE, or Mach-O. 
ICodePackage Abstraction for a code package (or namespace). 
ICodePointer Definition of a pointer to code (an entry-point), consisting of an address and a processor mode. 
ICodePrototype Definition of a routine's prototype object. 
ICodeResolver<InsnType extends IInstruction> A resolver attempts to determine the actual value of symbols and items used by instruction artifacts. 
ICodeString Definition of a string in a code unit. 
ICodeType The most generic interface for a type in a code unit. 
ICodeUnit Base interface for units representing disassembled binary code, such as bytecode, opcodes, object files, executable files, and so on. 
ICOFFHeader This interface describes the primary header of a PE/COFF executable file. 
ICOFFSectionHeader This interface describes the section header of a PE/COFF executable file. 
ICommandHandler Definition of a command handler. 
ICommandInterpreter Definition of a command interpreter. 
ICommandManager Definition of a command manager. 
ICommandNode A command node, either a handler or a manager. 
ICommentManager An interface for simple long-based comment management used by some engines components. 
ICompiler Interface for an identified compiler. 
IConfiguration Base interface for objects holding configuration data. 
IControlFlowGraph<InsnType extends IInstruction, Block extends IBasicBlock<InsnType>> Generic interface for control flow graph (CFG) objects. 
IconType Icon types to be used in dialog boxes. 
ICoordinates This interface defines a coordinates system to locate characters within ITextDocument objects. 
ICOperation C AST interface to represent arithmetic and logical expressions. 
ICOperator This interface is used to define a C operator. 
ICOperatorFactory Builder for C AST operators. 
ICOptimizer Base interface for AST optimizers. 
ICoreContext A core context. 
ICPredicate C AST predicate, wrapper for a C expression that can be evaluated to true or false. 
ICReturn C AST interface to represent return statements of methods. 
ICSource Highest-level C AST element representing a translation unit, containing classes and/or methods and fields. 
ICSourceElement Top-level C AST element found in a source code. 
ICStatement Base interface for C AST elements that represent statements in a code block
ICSwitchStm C AST interface to represent switch statements. 
ICTerminalStatement High-level C AST interface extended by Return and Throw statements. 
ICThrow C AST interface to represent throw statements. 
ICTuple Simple representation of a C AST left-expression tuple. 
ICType A C type. 
ICTypeFactory Builder for C AST types. 
ICVisitor C AST tree visitor interface. 
ICWhileStm C AST interface to represent while loop statements. 
IDAllocObjectInfo dexdec IR object-allocation information that can be used by invoke instructions
IDalvikDebuggerUnit Specialized interface for Dalvik code debuggers. 
IDalvikDebuggerUnit.ThreadFrameSlotIndexMode Slot index mode of a thread-frame. 
IDalvikInstruction Definition of a Dalvik instruction. 
IDalvikInstructionArrayData This class represent the array data for the fill-array-data instruction. 
IDalvikInstructionParameter Parameter definition for a Dalvik instruction. 
IDalvikInstructionSwitchData This class represents the jump table of a switch instruction. 
IDArrayElt dexdec IR array element. 
IDartAotSnapshotInfo Basic information about a Dart AOT snapshot. 
IDartAotUnit Top-level interface for JEB units representing parsed Dart AOT binaries. 
IDartInternalObject Basic interface for Dart objects. 
IDataProvider This interface holds reference to all data sources that are accessed by a JEB engines instance. 
IDataProvider Definition of a bytes provider, whose key can be augmented by an integer id (version code). 
IDCallInfo dexdec IR invocation information used by invoke instructions to represent calls to methods. 
IDebuggerBreakpoint Definition of a breakpoint. 
IDebuggerEventData Definition of the event data associated with a DbgTargetEvent event type. 
IDebuggerMachineInformation Machine information interface. 
IDebuggerModule Definition of a library or code module. 
IDebuggerProcessInformation Process information interface. 
IDebuggerTargetEnumerator Define an enumerator of machines that may offer candidate targets for debugging. 
IDebuggerTargetInformation Description of a debugger target. 
IDebuggerThread Standard interface for a thread object managed by a debugger. 
IDebuggerThreadStackFrame Definition of a thread stack frame. 
IDebuggerUnit Main Application Programming / Service Provider interface for JEB debugger units. 
IDebuggerUnitIdentifier Specialized identifier for debugger units. 
IDebuggerVariable A variable managed by a debugger. 
IDebuggerVirtualMemory Extension of the virtual memory interface providing additional methods useful in the context of a process controlled by a debugger. 
IDecompiledClass A class object decompiled by gendec
IDecompiledField A field object decompiled by gendec
IDecompiledItem Top-level type representing an item decompiled by gendec (method, field, class). 
IDecompiledMethod A method object decompiled by gendec
IDecompilerUnit Generic interface for decompilers. 
IDElement Base interface for all dexdec IR elements. 
IDEmuClass An emulated class, represent the type of an emulated object. 
IDEmuContext An emulator context, used by dexdec State objects. 
IDEmuFrame An emulator frame, used by dexdec State objects. 
IDEmulatorHooks An interface for user-defined hooks called by dexdec's IR emulator when executing internal (in DEX) code. 
IDEmuObject An emulated object, representing an internal emulated object. 
IdentifierCoordinates Identifier coordinates for bytecode code units. 
IdentityHashSet<E> The set version of an IdentityHashMap. 
IDeserializationEventHandler Interface for receivers of deserialization events. 
IDexAddress Reference in the Dex unit. 
IDexAnnotation This interface represents a Dex annotation. 
IDexAnnotationElement This interface references the name and value of a DEX annotation. 
IDexAnnotationForField This interface represents annotations for a field. 
IDexAnnotationForMethod This interface represents annotations for a method. 
IDexAnnotationForParameter This interface represents annotations for the parameters of method. 
IDexAnnotationItem This interface represents annotation items. 
IDexAnnotationsDirectory This interface is used to represent directories of annotations for a class item. 
IDexCallSite A Dex call site item. 
IDExceptionHandler dexdec exception handler definition. 
IDExceptionItem dexdec exception item definition. 
IDexClass This interface represents a Dex class_def_item object. 
IDexClassData This interface represents a DEX class_data_item object. 
IDexCodeItem This interface represents a Dex code_item object. 
IDexContextInfoProvider Context information provider, in relation to a dex unit
IDexDebugInfo This interface represents Dex debug information for a method. 
IDexDebugLine This interface represents Dex debug information associated with a line of code. 
IDexDebugVariable This interface represents information about a local variable at a specific location. 
IDexDecompilerUnit Specialized interface representing Dex (Dalvik) decompiler Units. 
IDexDisassemblyDocument Definition of a Dex disassembly document. 
IDexDynamic Container for dynamic dex features, such as JNI functions. 
IDexExceptionHandler This interface represents information about an exception handler. 
IDexExceptionItem This interface represents try-catch information for a bytecode area of a method. 
IDexField This interface represents a Dex field_id_item object, that is, a reference to an internal or external field used in the dex. 
IDexFieldData This interface represents a DEX encoded_field object. 
IDexFile Representation of a single classesX.dex file of an APK. 
IDexItem Super-interface for Dex items objects. 
IDexItemToAnchor Convert an ICodeItem to its related IAnchor id. 
IDexMap The Dex map. 
IDexMap.Entry Entry of a Dex map. 
IDexMethod This interface represents a Dex method_id_item object, that is, a reference to an internal or external method used in the dex. 
IDexMethodData This interface represents a Dex encoded_method object. 
IDexMethodHandle A Dex method handle pool item. 
IDexPackage This class represent Java packages of a Dex objects. 
IDExpression Base interface for all dexdec IR expressions, such as IR instructions, fields/attributes, immediates, variables/identifiers, operations, etc. 
IDexPrototype This interface represents a DEX proto_id_item object. 
IDexReferenceManager Manager of cross-references for Dex units. 
IDexString These objects represent DEX strings. 
IDexType This interface represents a reference to a dex type used in the dex. 
IDexUnit Interface for units representing Android Dalvik bytecode containers, aka Dex files. 
IDexValue An encoded_value Dex item. 
IDFA<InsnType extends IInstruction> Specification of a data flow analysis objects for control flow graphs. 
IDField dexdec IR generic interface for field elements, that is, static fields and instance fields. 
IDGlobalContext dexdec IR global context. 
IDIE DWARF Debugging Information Entry 
IDIEAttribute An IDIE Attribute, represented by its name and its form. 
IDImm This dual-purpose dexdec IR element serves to encode immediate values (primitives and pooled strings) and evaluated values (primitives and objects). 
IDIndex dexdec IR interface for objects representing a pool index (e.g. 
IDInstanceField dexdec IR instance field. 
IDInstruction dexdec IR instruction object. 
IDInvokeInfo dexdec IR generic interface holding invocation information for IDCallInfo, IDNewInfo, IDNewArrayInfo, IDAllocObjectInfo
IDMasterOptimizer A manager of IR optimizers
IDMasterOptimizerInstrumenter Instrumenter interface for IR master optimizer (MO). 
IDMethodContext dexdec IR method context. 
IDMethodExecutionHelper Method execution helper interface, to be registered with a dexdec IR state
IDNewArrayInfo dexdec IR element holding new array creation information. 
IDNewInfo dexdec IR new (alloc+init) information used by invoke instructions
IDOperation dexdec IR operation expression. 
IDOptimizer Plugin interface for dexdec (DEX decompiler) IR optimizer plugins. 
IDPredicate Special operation typed as boolean and used as conditions for IR_JCOND instructions. 
IdRanges A collection of var-id ranges. 
IDReferenceType dexdec IR reference type object. 
IDSandboxHooks An interface for user-defined hooks called by dexdec's IR sandbox when executing external (not in DEX) code. 
IDState dexdec IR state (referred as "State"), used to perform IR evaluations, emulation and sandboxing. 
IDStaticField dexdec IR static field, including a type's class pseudo-attribute. 
IDSwitchData dexdec IR switch data, used to specify the case and target values of a high-level switch instruction
IDTarget dexdec IR target information, containing an intra-method IR offset. 
IDTryData dexdec exception handling information, optionally provided by an IR method context
IDTypeInfoProvider Type information provider interface. 
IDuplicatedUnit Represent an IUnit without processing, because there is somewhere a duplicate unit (exactly the same) in the current project. 
IDVar dexdec IR interface used to represent a variable (a.k.a. 
IDVisitor Specialized tree node visitor interface for dexdec IR expressions
IDwCompileUnit IDwCompileUnit is the root of a DWARF Compile_Unit
IDynamicContentManager The content manager allows AST rendering facility to retrieve lower-level native information. 
IDynamicContentManager A dynamic content manager is used by AST output sinks to customize the generated output. 
IDynamicTargetPlugin A dynamic target plugin is a special type of plugin that takes one or more units as input and provide augmentation for those units. 
IEAssign IR expression representing an assignment. 
IEBranchDetails Describe the side effects of a raw PC assignment. 
IECall IR statement used to represent calls to sub-routines. 
IECompose Composition of two or more IR expressions. 
IECond This IR expression represents the ternary conditional expression. 
IEConverter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of an IR expression converter, used by the generic decompiler to convert native machine code to an intermediate representation. 
IEEmulatorHooks Evaluation (execution) hooks. 
IEGeneric Base interface for IR expressions (IRE) used by JEB's native decompilation engine, gendec
IEGlobalContext Global IR context. 
IEGroup This IR represents a group of variables or slices of variables. 
IEGroupElt This IR represents the element of an IEGroup
IEImm A terminal IR representing an immediate value. 
IEJump IR expression representing an intra-procedural jump to a fixed IR target. 
IEJumpFar A conditional branching instruction to an arbitrary IR representing a native address. 
IEJumpWithOptionalCondition Base interface used to represent IR short or long jumps. 
IELFArchRelocatorFacility This top-level interface is to be used by native code plugins providing relocation contexts for a specific architecture. 
IELFDynamicTable Interface for the ELF dynamic table (SHT_DYNAMIC section). 
IELFHeader ELF header information. 
IELFProgramEntry ELF program table entry information. 
IELFRelocationApplicator Apply one specific relocation type. 
IELFRelocationApplicator.RelocatedFile File where the relocation is applied  
IELFRelocationApplicator.RelocInstance Relocation features needed for application  
IELFRelocationEntry Description of a relocation entry. 
IELFRelocationTable Description of a relocation table, holding relocation entries. 
IELFSectionEntry ELF section table entry information. 
IELFSectionProcessor ELF section processors can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
IELFSectionProcessor.Result Result of section processing. 
IELFSymbolEntry An ELF symbol. 
IELFSymbolProcessor Definition of an ELF symbol processors. 
IELFSymbolProcessorFactory ELF symbol processor factories can be registered using the ELFPluginsService
IELFSymbolTable Definition of a symbol table. 
IELFUnit Specialized interface for ELF units. 
IEMasterOptimizer Base interface for IR master optimizers. 
IEMatchVerifier Verifier of an IR pattern and the candidate matched IR expression. 
IEMem An IR expression representing a dereference to a sized memory area. 
IEmulatedAndroid Interface for a simple Android OS environment. 
IEncodedMemoryArea Definition of an encoded memory area. 
IEnginesContext A context for JEB engines. 
IEnginesPlugin Interface for standard JEB engines plugin. 
IENop A no-operation IR instruction. 
IEnumerationElement An enumerated value, defined by an enum
IEnumerationType This type represents native enumerations. 
IEOperation An IR operation. 
IEOptFilterCanDiscard Interface for can-discard filter implementations used by a master optimizer. 
IEOptimizer Base interface for IR optimizers. 
IEPatternReplacer Custom replacer code for IR pattern. 
IEPrototypeHandler Wildcard prototype (eprototype) handler, used to apply, retrieve, and refine eprototypes applied to decompiled routines. 
IERange This IR object represents immutable integer range object. 
IEReturn A routine terminator. 
IERoutineContext Routine (local) IR context. 
IErrorDescription Error description type used to report decompilation errors in items
IESimulationResults This object carries results of some IR simulation phase. 
IESlice This IR represents a slice of another IR expression. 
IEStackManager Element of an IR context providing support for creating local vars representing stack variables. 
IEStateHooks Memory hooks. 
IEStatement Base class for all IR statements. 
IESwitch Switch (branch to N sites) IR statement. 
IEUntranslatedInstruction Special IR statement that can be used to wrap non-standard, partially translated, or untranslated native code instructions. 
IEVar Representation of an IR variable. 
IEvent Base interface for events. 
IEventListener Interface for events listeners. 
IEventSource Interface for objects generating events, with optional relaying to a parent source. 
IEVisitor IR tree visitor interface. 
IExtractor<T, K> Generic extractor functional interface. 
IFieldManager A manager of native field items
IFileDatabase Database of binary blobs. 
IFileDatabaseReader A database record reader. 
IFileDatabaseWriter A database record writer. 
IFileStore Definition of a binary file store: a store where artifacts are byte arrays uniquely identified by a key. 
IFlowInformation Information relative to execution flow changes. 
IFormattingContextFactory<InsnType extends IInstruction> Customize instruction rendering via the generation of formatting-context objects. 
IGenericDocument Base interface for document types that may be returned by a IUnitFormatter
IGenericJarBrowser Generic interface for Jar readers, Zip archives with specific certificate and signing requirements. 
IGenericUnpacker Interface for a simple Android APK unpacker that will attempt to gather resources extracted at runtime. 
IGenericZipBrowser Generic interface for Zip readers. 
IGlobalAnalyzer Interface for global analyzers provided by decompiler plugins. 
IGraphicalClientContext This important interface represents a client context for scripting inside a GUI client. 
IInput Standard input interface for units. 
IInputLocation Tagging interface for input location objects. 
IInputRecord Definition of some input bytes seen by the Core context. 
IInsnEmulator<T extends IInstructionOperand> High Level design for an instruction emulator: it indicates if the PC is updated (meaning a jump will be done, see getBranchType() for jump type) and is able to compute the result of the operation. 
IInstruction A generic interface to represent machine-code or bytecode instructions. 
IInstructionAugmenter Provide additional elements for instructions, resulting from program analysis. 
IInstructionOperand Base definition for instruction operands. 
IInstructionOperandCMA Operands performing Complex Memory Access (CMA). 
IInstructionOperandGeneric This interface is used to represent the most common types of operands: immediate values, registers, direct addresses (absolute or relative), memory access, etc. 
IInstructionOperandList Operand that contains several operands. 
IInstructionOperandRegisterBased Operands that potentially use registers. 
IInstructionOperandSized Operands with a size. 
IInteractiveUnit Interactive units are addressable units that offer clients the ability to execute actions on their contents. 
IInternalSerializer Interface for serializers. 
IItem Base interface for output items. 
IItemStyleInfoProvider A provider of style information for item class identifiers. 
IJavaAnnotation Java AST interface to represent a Java annotation. 
IJavaAnnotationElement Java AST interface to represent a Java annotation element. 
IJavaArrayElt Java AST interface to represent the element of an array. 
IJavaAssignment Java AST interface to represent assignments. 
IJavaBlock Java AST interface to represent a sequence of statements
IJavaBreak Java AST interface to represent a break statement. 
IJavaCall Java AST interface to represent a method invocation. 
IJavaCatchBlock Interface to represent a catch-block used by IJavaTry AST elements. 
IJavaClass Java AST interface to represent a Java class or interface. 
IJavaClassFactory AST IJavaClass factory. 
IJavaCompound Java AST interface to represent compound statements. 
IJavaConditionalExpression Java AST interface to represent a conditional expression. 
IJavaConstant Java AST interface to represent a literal or constant value. 
IJavaConstantFactory Builder for Java AST constants. 
IJavaContinue Java AST interface to represent a continue statement. 
IJavaDecompilableElement High-level Java AST interface to represent a decompilable Java element (a class, method, or field). 
IJavaDefinition Java AST interface to represent a definition statement. 
IJavaDoWhile Java AST interface to represent a do-while loop statement. 
IJavaElement Top-level interface for all elements of a Java Abstract Syntax Tree
IJavaElementFactory A collection of Java AST element factories. 
IJavaExpression High-level interface implemented by Java AST elements representing expressions. 
IJavaField Java AST interface to represent a Java field. 
IJavaFieldFactory AST IJavaField factory. 
IJavaFor Java AST interface used to represent a standard for loop statement. 
IJavaForEach Java AST interface used to represent a for-each (Java 5+) loop statement. 
IJavaGlobalContext dexdec global context for AST generation. 
IJavaGoto Java AST interface to represent a "goto" statement. 
IJavaIdentifier Java AST interface to represent a Java identifier, or variable. 
IJavaIdentifierManager A manager of IJavaIdentifier (and IJavaDefinition). 
IJavaIf Java AST interface to represent a conditional "if" statement. 
IJavaInstanceField Java AST interface to represent an instance field. 
IJavaLabel Java AST interface to represent labels. 
IJavaLabelFactory A manager of IJavaLabel
IJavaLeftExpression High-level interface is used to represent Java AST expressions that can be assigned to, that is, expressions that can be left members in assignment statements. 
IJavaMethod Java AST interface to represent a Java method. 
IJavaMethodFactory AST IJavaMethod factory. 
IJavaMonitor Java AST interface to represent a special "monitor" statement. 
IJavaNew Java AST interface to represent the instantiation of a new non-array object. 
IJavaNewArray Java AST interface to represent the instantiation of an array object. 
IJavaOperation Java AST interface to represent arithmetic and logical expressions. 
IJavaOperator This interface is used to define a Java operator. 
IJavaOperatorFactory Builder for Java AST operators. 
IJavaPredicate Java AST interface to represent a Java predicate. 
IJavaReturn Java AST interface to represent return statements of methods. 
IJavaSourceUnit Definition of a source unit representing a Java class or Java method in the form of an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). 
IJavaStatement Base interface for Java AST elements that represent statements. 
IJavaStaticField Java AST interface to represent a static field. 
IJavaSwitch Java AST interface to represent switch statements. 
IJavaSynchronizedBlock Java AST interface to represent a synchronized block of code. 
IJavaTerminalStatement High-level interface extended by Return and Throw statements. 
IJavaThrow Java AST interface to represent throw statements. 
IJavaTry Java AST interface to represent try-catch elements. 
IJavaType This interface is used to define a Java type. 
IJavaTypeFactory Builder for Java AST types. 
IJavaTypeReference Java AST interface to represent a type reference. 
IJavaWhile Java AST interface to represent while loop statements. 
IJLSAnnotation An annotation, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSClass A class, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSField A field, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSMethod A method, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSType A type, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSTypeAdapter An adapter for Java-like types. 
IJLSValue A value, as defined by the JLS. 
IJMasterOptimizer A manager of AST optimizers
IJniEndpoint Definition of a JNI endpoint. 
IJOptimizer Plugin interface for dexdec (DEX decompiler) AST optimizer plugins. 
IJsonUnit Represent a Json Unit 
IJVisitor Specialized tree node visitor interface for dexdec Java AST elements
ILabelManager Definition of a code label manager. 
ILazyMemoryProvider Definition of a lazy memory provider. 
ILine Representation of a line within an ITextDocumentPart
ILinkInfoProvider Linker information provider, used by code object's mapper during the relocation and symbol resolution phase. 
ILiveArtifact A "runtime" artifact, that connects a project, an artifact, and root units. 
IllegalConversionException The conversion to IR is illegal. 
IllegalIntermediateExpressionException IR construct error. 
ILoaderInformation Basic information held within a code loader unit. 
ILocatedInstruction An addressable instruction. 
ILogger Definition of a logger and logging levels. 
IMachineContext Definition of a concrete machine context, holding a VM, processor information, and a set of registers data. 
IManglingEngine Interface for mangling engines, each of them handling a different mangling scheme. 
IMasterOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Definition of a master optimizer, whose role is to manage and orchestrate the execution of individual optimizers. 
IMasterOptimizerInstrumenter<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Instrumentation engine for IMasterOptimizer, providing callbacks to be executed before/after optimizations. 
IMemoryAllocListener VM page allocation listener. 
IMemoryFreeListener VM page free (un-allocation) listener. 
IMemoryModel A manager for the collection of memory items generated by the native code analyzer. 
IMemoryModelListener Interface for code model listeners, which are notified when the model of a native code unit changes. 
IMemoryPropertyListener VM property change listener. 
IMemoryProtectionListener VM page protection change listener. 
IMemoryWriteListener VM write pre- and post-operation listener. 
IMergeController Controller for IR State mergers performed by EState#mergeWith(EState, IMergeController). 
IMetadataGroup Definition of a group of metadata objects. 
IMetadataManager Definition of a metadata manager. 
IMethodManager A manager of native method items
IMethodStackMemoryModel The memory model for the local stack of a method. 
IMethodTable A table of native methods, used when defining classes and virtual methods tables. 
ImmediateOperandBuilder Default implementation of AbstractImmediateOperandBuilder that build 3 different types of operand: IMM, RELADDR and ADDR. 
IMonitorInfoProvider Thread monitoring details used by the static monitor() method as well as the more complex ThreadMonitor objects. 
IMultiSegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Definition of map holding multiple segments
INativeAttribute Information on the signature target. 
INativeClassDataItem A class item reference. 
INativeClassItem Definition of a native class item, having a class type, methods, fields, and so on. 
INativeCodeAdvancedAnalyzer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of the advanced (optional) code analyzer, controlled by the INativeCodeAnalyzer
INativeCodeAnalyzer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a code analyzer. 
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtension<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of analyzer extensions. 
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtensionsManager<InsnType extends IInstruction> Interface for the extensions manager of the INativeCodeAnalyzer
INativeCodeAnalyzerExtensionsManager.ExtensionPriority Priorities that can be attributed to an extension. 
INativeCodeModel<InsnType extends IInstruction> Memory model manager for native code unit, normally handled by a code analyzer
INativeCodeUnit<InsnType extends IInstruction> Specialized code unit that manages a native code processor and uses a virtual memory. 
INativeContext Native code context. 
INativeContinuousItem Secondary master interface for native code item that span over a specific amount of bytes in memory. 
INativeDataAnalyzer The data analyzer is used to create data items for a native code unit model. 
INativeDataItem A specialized type for continuous memory items representing data elements (fields). 
INativeDebuggerUnit Definition of native code debuggers. 
INativeDecompilerContext Decompiler manager object. 
INativeDecompilerExtension Decompiler extension plugins. 
INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager Definition of the extensions manager for INativeDecompilerUnit
INativeDecompilerExtensionsManager.ExtensionPriority Priorities that can be attributed to an extension. 
INativeDecompilerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a native decompiler plugin. 
INativeDecompilerUnit<InsnType extends IInstruction> Top-level unit for native decompilers. 
INativeDisassemblerPlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Native disassembler plugins. 
INativeDisassemblyDocument Definition of a native code disassembly document. 
INativeFeature Characteristics computed on a native item. 
INativeFieldItem A field item can reference an external field (name+type only), an internal data item, or a struct/class field. 
INativeInstructionItem A native instruction item represents a concrete IInstruction at a specific memory address. 
INativeItem Master interface for all native code items (objects, types, etc.). 
INativeItemListenable Listener mix-in for native items. 
INativeItemListener Interface to define an item listener. 
INativeLibrary Description of a native code ELF library (dynamic SO) managed by emulators. 
INativeMemoryItem Secondary master interface for native code items that have a start address, but may not span a continuous range of bytes. 
INativeMethodDataItem Concrete method (routine) item, providing the implementation of one or more routine references. 
INativeMethodItem A method item references an external or internal native routine. 
INativeObjectTracker Tracker for native underlying objects used by the decompiler or referenced by decompiled items. 
INativePlugin<InsnType extends IInstruction> Native plugins consist of native disassembler and native decompiler plugins. 
INativeSignature A native signature is composed of a collection of INativeFeature identifying one or several native item(s) -- the target(s) --, and a collection of INativeAttribute representing what is known about the target(s). 
INativeSignature.ConfidenceLevel Confidence level associated with a signature. 
INativeSignaturePackage Definition of a signature package, managed by the NativeSignatureDBManager
INativeSourceUnit A specialized source unit representing the output of a native code decompiler. 
INativeStringItem A specialized data item representing a string 
INativeType Base interface for native types. 
INet Convenience network utility interface to issue common GET/POST (http or https) queries that return text contents. 
IniFileEditor A reader-and-writer for ini configuration files. 
INode A tree node definition, the main constituent of tree documents
INode Expression graph, representing IRE expressions made of IEOperations, restricted IESlices and restricted IEComposes. 
INodeCoordinates A coordinates system for nodes inside an ITreeDocument
INodeHandler Custom IR-tree-node processor on match. 
INodeVisitor<T> Tree visitor interface. 
InputHelper Static helper methods for IInput
InputToken An input token used in a command. 
InsnEmulator<T extends IInstructionOperand> Main class that can emulate an instruction and retrieve the correct result. 
InstructionConversionException Generic exception for native code to IR conversion problems. 
InstructionCoordinates Instruction coordinates for bytecode code units. 
InstructionFlags Instruction flags; these flags encode additional static information (i.e. 
InstructionHints Hints for concrete instruction items. 
InstructionUtil Utility methods for IInstruction objects. 
InstructionUtil Utility routines for IInstruction
IntegerLEB128 Read and write LEB128-encoded integers. 
IntegerLEB128.DecodedInt Decoded value along with the encoded length in bytes. 
IntegerList Utility code for int arrays or Lists of Integers. 
IntegerRanges Collection of integer ranges (a range is noted [beg, end) or [beg, end[). 
Integers Utility methods for int
IntegerSegment Standard implementation of a segment using an integer treated as a signed value. 
InteractiveWrapperUnit Simple wrapper (decorator) for IInteractiveUnit
InternalLogger An internal (debug-mode only) logger. 
InterpreterHistory Interpreter history objects, containing the list of commands previously issued to the interpreter. 
InterruptionException Runtime interruption exception. 
IntGauge An integer gauge is used to define an integer range to be filled. 
IntList A memory-efficient list of int primitives. 
IntMap A memory-efficient map (dictionary) of int primitives to int primitives. 
IO File manipulation utility routines. 
IObjectLocation Textual location of an object represented as text in a text document. 
IOperable Interface for objects supported Operations. 
IOperandBuilder<T extends IInstructionOperand> Definition of a simple instruction operand factory. 
IOptimizedDexUnit Interface for "optimized" dex units, aka "odex" units. 
IOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Plugin interface for generic code optimizer. 
IOptimizerTarget Base interface for objects that may be the target of an optimizer. 
IOptionDefinition Simple definition for a type-less option, containing a name and a description. 
IPackage A native code package. 
IPackageManager The native package manager. 
IPECOFFUnit Base interface for PE and COFF units. 
IPEDataDirectory This interface describes the data directory header of PE executable files. 
IPEOptionalHeader This interface describes the principal header a PE executable file. 
IPlugin Base interface for JEB back-end plugins. 
IPluginFileEntry<T extends IPlugin> Plugin entry managed by a plugin manager. 
IPluginInformation Plugin information object. 
IPluginManager JEB plugin manager for external plugins running alongside the JEB back-end components. 
IPrimitiveSizes Get the sizes of common primitives. 
IPrimitiveType Definition of native primitive types. 
IPrimitiveTypeManager A type manager specifically for primitives and built-in types. 
IPriorityBasedHooks An super interface to be used for hooks interfaces for which the associated manager respects a priority ordering. 
IProcessor<InsnType extends IInstruction> Definition of a simple machine code processor or microcontroller. 
IProcessorInformation Basic information about a processor (e.g. 
IProgressCallback Progress callback interface, used by various types to provide progress information about an on-going task. 
IPropertyDefinition Definition of a property. 
IPropertyDefinitionGroup A group of property definitions. 
IPropertyDefinitionManager API for a property definition manager (PDM). 
IPropertyManager Define a property manager (PM). 
IPropertyType Base interface for property types. 
IPropertyTypeBoolean Define a boolean property type. 
IPropertyTypeInteger Define an bounded integer property type. 
IPropertyTypePath Specialized string property holding a file-system path. 
IPropertyTypeString Define a string property type. 
IPrototypeItem A native prototype. 
IQuickStateObject Quick state objects represent the state of a unit. 
IReference Description of relationship between a source (from) and a target (to) native locations. 
IReferenceManager A manager of cross-references for code and data. 
IReferenceType The reference type, or pointer type. 
IRegisterBank A layout definition for a bank of registers. 
IRegisterData Processor registers data, consisting of a register bank and their concrete values. 
IRegistersResolution Registers resolution data attached to an "augmented" instruction. 
IResizableInstruction A resizable instruction can have its size modified after creation. 
IResolvedOperandElementValue Definition of an operand element. 
IResolvedOperandValue Definition of a resolved operand. 
IrregularFlowData Define an irregular flow between two blocks of a CFG. 
IrregularFlowData Used to model the exception flows: try-block and catch/handler address. 
IRuntimeProject A runtime project represents a loaded instance of a JEB project. 
IS7Block Interface for S7 blocks. 
IS7BlocksManager A manager of S7 blocks. 
IS7Unit S7 container unit. 
ISafeLock Lock creator interface, for read-only locks and read-write locks. 
IScript Interface for client's scripts. 
ISegment<K extends Comparable<K>> The value type used by segment-maps, a segment has a beginning and end. 
ISegmentFactory<K, V> Factory method for gap-map segments
ISegmentGapVerifier<K> A verifier for segment bounds to determine what to do when an operation is undertaken. 
ISegmentGapVerifier.VerificationCode List of verification codes. 
ISegmentInformation Definition of object code segments and sections. 
ISegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Definition of a segment-map, a data structure similar to an interval-map
ISigningStrategy Signing strategies control INativeSignature creation. 
ISimpleFilter<T> A functional interface used to check an object and provide a boolean value. 
ISourceCustomizer Interface for decompiler-C source customizers provided by decompiler plugins. 
ISourceUnit This interface is used to represent source code abstract syntax trees (AST). 
IStackframeManager Manage the stack of a native code method. 
IStorageEntryGenerator A generator of routine I/O entries to determine where a routine's inputs or outputs go. 
IStringMatcher Interface to implement string matchers. 
IStructureType Type item representing a structure or union (structure wit overlapping fields). 
IStructureTypeField Item representing the field of a structure type. 
ISymbolInformation Generic representation of a code symbol information. 
ITableDocument A table document is used to represent tabular data. 
ITableDocumentPart Definition of a table document part. 
ITableRow A table row definition, the main constituent of ITableDocuments. 
ITelemetryDatabase Telemetry database for JEB clients. 
ITelemetryEndpoint Telemetry end-point for JEB clients. 
ItemClassIdentifiers Well-known class identifiers for interactive items. 
ItemHistory<T> Generic tracker of items, based on a simple history queue (get last, get next) model. 
 |a:b:c| => |a|,|b|,|c|
 |:| => ||,||
 |a:| => |a|,||
ITextDocument A text document is used to represent arbitrarily long buffers of interactive text data. 
ITextDocumentPart This interface represents document parts. 
ITextItem A text item is used to identify a particular sequence of characters within the string of an ITextDocumentPart. 
ITextMark A positioned (offset, relative to the owner line) tag. 
ITreeDocument A tree document is used to represent hierarchical structures. 
ITypedContentProperties Generic interface representing the properties of a TypedContent
ITypedOptionDefinition Extended, typed option containing type of definition in addition to IOptionDefinition
ITypedOptionDefinition.Type Types of typed options. 
ITypedValue A typed value. 
ITypeIdProvider Definition of a type-id provider, mapping a type to a unique id, and vice-versa. 
ITypeLibrary Definition of a type library. 
ITypeManager A type manager, for primitive types as well as complex types. 
IUnit Base interface for units
IUnitContribution A unit contribution plugin. 
IUnitCreator An interface implemented by all types that produce units
IUnitDocumentPresentation Presentation elements are used by clients for display of unit data. 
IUnitFilter A filter for units, used by RuntimeProjectUtil utility methods. 
IUnitFormatter A unit formatter is used to retrieve presentations of a unit. 
IUnitFragment A fragment representing parts of a unit
IUnitFragmentPositionChangeListener Interface to be implemented by listeners of positional changes in unit fragments rendered by the GUI client. 
IUnitIdentifier Unit identifiers are one of the two types of plugins supported by JEB engines. 
IUnitInterpreter A unit interpreter plugin. 
IUnitLock Definition of a unit model lock. 
IUnitNotification Description of a unit notification. 
IUnitNotificationManager A manager of unit notifications
IUnitPlugin Definition of a unit plugin. 
IUnitProcessor A unit processor is a parser that uses registered JEB plugins to identify and process input data into IUnits. 
IUnitProvider This interface allows the definition of common features that are designed to be extended on a new or wrapped unit. 
IUnitTextFragment A text fragment representing a textual document generated by a unit
IUnitView Basic definition of a view, visually representing a unit
IUnknownInputResolver Define a resolution system for input that could not be identified. 
IUnmangledData A piece of unmangled data. 
IUnmangledRoutine Interface to access an unmangled routine declaration. 
IUserDatabase Currently not in use. 
IUserDataSupport This decorator interface is used to let users know that arbitrary data objects may be attached to the object. 
IVariable High-level definition of a variable (aka identifier), generated and used by decompilers. 
IVariableInformationProvider Provide additional variable information to a CFG and associated classes. 
IVariableInformationProvider Variable information provider (such as names). 
IVariableProvider A provider of variables
IVirtualMemory Definition of a virtual memory space addressing bytes. 
IVirtualMemoryShim A shim is a VM object wrapping another virtual memory, in order to allow temporary write modifications. 
IVirtualTableDefinition Definition of a table of virtual methods for a class. 
IVisitResults<T> Visit results interface for statement trees. 
IVisualCell A visual cell for table documents. 
IVisualItem Visual items are used to attach class information to items. 
IVisualNode A visual node. 
IVisualTextItem Visual items are used to attach class information to items. 
IWildcardPrototype Interface for wildcard prototype (eprototypes), built out of wildcard types (etypes). 
IWildcardType Wildcard types can be defined (they wrap native types) or undefined (they contain a set of attributes partially defining the actual type, such as effective size, group, signedness, etc.). 
IWildcardType.Group Group (category) of a wildcard type. 
IWildcardTypeManager A wildcard type manager manages wildcard types (partially defined types) used by JEB's native decompiler. 
IXApkUnit Definition of an "extended" APK unit, aka X-APK. 
IXmlUnit Units providing XML documents are encouraged to implement this interface. 


J JEB back-end event types. 
JarBrowser An implementation of a Jar browser that uses the standard JDK implementation and falls back to the Apache Commons implementation on error. 
JarBrowserApache An implementation of a Jar browser that uses the Apache Commons implementation. 
JarBrowserOracle An implementation of a Jar browser that uses the standard JDK implementation. 
JavaDocument Java AST document used to render a decompiled piece of Java code. 
JavaElementType A list of Java AST element types. 
JavaFlags Java code flags. 
JavaKeyword Java keywords and reserved tokens. 
JavaOperatorType Java operator types. 
JavaOutputSink This output sink is the recipient for the generation of a decompiled Java Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). 
JavaReconAnon An object holding reconstructed information for an anonymous class. 
JavaReconEnum An object holding reconstructed information for an enumeration. 
JavaReconEnummap An object holding reconstructed information for an enumation map. 
JavaReconLambda An object holding reconstructed information for a lambda. 
JavaTypeUtil Utility methods to generate or verify Java type names and signatures. 
JavaUtil A collection of primitives relative to the Java language itself. 
JC Event types sent by JEB's GUI client. 
JDB2Manager JEB database file ("*.jdb2") manager. 
JDB2Reader JDB2 (JEB saved project database) record reader. 
JDB2Reader.RecordDescription Definition of a JDB2 record. 
JDB2Writer JDB2 (JEB saved project database) record writer. 
JebClientEvent Events issued by JEB's GUI client. 
JebClientInformation Information about a JEB client (aka, a JEB front-end). 
JebConstants JEB constants. 
JebCoreService Service class used to create or retrieve a reference to the JEB core context. 
JebEvent The standard JEB engines implementation of the IEvent interface. 
JebEventSource The standard engines implementation of an IEventSource
JebException Base class for JEB checked exceptions. 
JebIoApiHelper JEB.IO helper routines. 
JebIoObjectFile Details of a file and its user. 
JebIoObjectFile.UserDetails Details of the user of a file and the determination made by the user. 
JebIoObjectUser Definition of a JEB.IO user. 
JebIoUtil Utility routines. 
JebNet Network utility routines for specific JEB client operations. 
JebPythonInterpreter Python interpreter using Jython. 
JebPythonPluginFactory Factory for JEB plugins written in Python. 
JebPythonPluginService Manager for JEB plugins written in Python. 
JebRuntimeException Base class for JEB runtime (unchecked) exceptions. 
JOptimizerType dexdec AST optimizer type. 
JSONArray A JSON array. 
JSONAware Beans that support customized output of JSON text shall implement this interface. 
JsonId Represent a Json Identifier (the key of an object which is NOT a String, not surrounded by quotes). 
JSONObject A JSON object. 
JSONParser Parser for JSON text. 
JSONStreamAware Beans that support customized output of JSON text to a writer shall implement this interface. 
JUtil Collection of utility methods to manipulate IJavaElement
JVisitResults Visit result object, provided to the call-back methods of a dexdec AST visitor object. 
JvmFieldSig Representation of JVM internal field signature. 
JvmGenericsClassSig Java Generics signature parser for ClassSignature
JvmGenericsMethodSig Java Generics signature parser for MethodSignature
JvmGenericsTypeSig Java Generics signature parser for any JavaTypeSignature
JvmGenericsUtils Java Generics signature parser. 
JvmMethodDescriptor Representation of JVM internal method descriptor. 
JvmMethodSig Representation of JVM internal method signature. 
JvmTypeSig Utility methods for JVM internal signature names. 
JvmUtil Utility methods to generate JVM internal signatures from Java's Reflection API objects. 
JythonUtil Utility routines for Jython 2.7. 


KVNode Basic implementation of a key-value tree node. 


LargeIntHandler Handler for large integers of a given maximum bitsize. 
LazyDataContainerUnit A data container unit that fetches the data of its nodes only when necessary. 
LazyDataContainerUnit.Entry Node of a lazy container unit. 
LazyInput An input backed by an IDataProvider
Leaf IR template element. 
LEB128 Decoding methods for LEB128-encoded integers from byte arrays. 
LEB128.Value Decoded value along with the encoded length in bytes. 
LEDataInputStream Little-endian version of a DataInputStream. 
LEDataOutputStream Little-endian version of a DataOutputStream. 
LibraryID Identifiers for classic libraries. 
Licensing Read-only informational JEB licensing information. 
Line A simple implementation of the line interface. 
LinuxSyscallResolver Generic Linux syscall number<>name, number<>routineref provider. 
ListOptionDefinition List option description used by property definition managers. 
Lists Collection of utility functions to create of manipulate concrete or abstract List lists. 
LoaderInformation Standard implementation of the ILoaderInformation interface, that may be used by parsers implementing ICodeObjectUnit
LoaderInformation.Builder Builder of LoaderInformation objects. 
LocalFileHeader Representation of a local file header of a Zip file. 
LogStatusSink A special object (not to be confused with Sink) receiving messages issued from ILogger#status(String, Object...) status() calls. 
LongLEB128 Read and write LEB128-encoded longs. 
LongLEB128.DecodedLong Decoded value along with the encoded length in bytes. 
Longs Utility methods for longs. 
LongSegment Standard implementation of a segment using an long treated as a signed value. 


MapBuilder<K, V> A builder of Map maps. 
Maps Utility methods for Map maps. 
MatchingState Matching result (not necessarily final), between a target model and a reference model. 
MathUtil Set of common operations on Number that are not in Math. 
MemoryAccessInfo Memory access information object. 
MemoryAllocEvent Memory event: a successful memory allocation took place. 
MemoryChanges A memory-changes ("diff") object. 
MemoryChangesRecorder A recorder of memory changes (allocated pages, written pages, written data). 
MemoryChangesRecorder.Results A record of memory changes. 
MemoryEvent Base class for a memory event. 
MemoryException Exception raised by virtual memory objects. 
MemoryFileStore Implementation of a file-store where the record data is kept in memory. 
MemoryFreeEvent Memory event: memory pages were successfully freed. 
MemoryModelEvent An event that affected the memory model. 
MemoryModelEventType The types of memory model events. 
MemoryPropertyEvent Memory event: some properties of a VM were successfully changed. 
MemoryProtectionEvent Memory event: the protection flags of a VM page was successfully modified. 
MemoryRanges A collection of byte-addressable memory ranges. 
MemoryRanges.Range A continuous memory range. 
MemoryWriteEvent Memory event: a write operation is taking place splace. 
MemoryWrites Recorder of memory-write operations, used by EState
MemoryWrites.Record Memory record holding an address and a buffer of bytes. 
MetaComment A meta comment, used to add information to a full comment
MetadataGroup A simple implementation of a metadata group. 
MetadataGroupType A list of metadata group types. 
MetadataManager A simple implementation of a metadata manager. 
MethodCoordinates Method coordinates for code units. 
MimeType A collection of common MIME types as well as simple utility methods to determine MIME type from content bytes. 
Module Definition of a library module (i.e. 
MonitorInfoAdapter Standard implementation of the IMonitorInfoProvider interface. 
MootTelemetryDatabase Test telemetry database. 
MultiList<E> A list of lists to be used as a fast-access multi-map for cases where the key is an integer index located in a compact [0, N] range. 
MultiMap<K, V> A multi-map of key-values, whose insertion order for the values of a given key is maintained. 
MultiSegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Standard implementation of a multi-segments maps. 


NativeAnalyzerException Exception raised for some INativeCodeAnalyzer errors. 
NativeAttributeSignerID Identifiers for attributes' signers, i.e. 
NativeCallgraphBuilder A builder of callgraph (sub-routine caller/callee relationships) for native code units. 
NativeCodeUtil Utility routines for INativeCodeUnit
NativeCommentManager A comment manager for native code units
NativeCoordinates Any coordinates for code units using a virtual memory. 
NativeDecompilationStage A high-level view of what stage a target being decompiled is at. 
NativeDecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to source files all or a subset of classes or methods of a native code unit. 
NativeDisassemblyProperties Properties of a native code disassembly document. 
NativeFeatureSignerID Identifiers for features' signers, i.e. 
NativeItemEvent Event class for native items
NativeItemEventSubType Further details for events issued by INativeCodeUnits. 
NativeSignatureDBManager Manage a set of INativeSignaturePackage, such that a native item (routine, basic block, instruction or data) can be matched against the INativeSignature contained in these packages. 
NativeSignatureGenerator Generation of INativeSignature, based on a ISigningStrategy
NativeSignatureMatchResult Result of a match, i.e. 
NativeSignaturePackageEntry Represents a signature package available through the NativeSignatureDBManager
NativeSignaturePackageIDs Unique identifiers for signatures packages 
NativeSignaturePackageMetadata Metadata associated with a signature package. 
NativeSignatureScopeException Throw when a native signature can not be computed on a native item. 
NativeTypeIdProvider A standard provider for native Java types. 
Net A network object used to download from and upload to http/https URLs, with socks and http proxy support. 
NetProxyInfo Network proxy information. 
NewerMethodIllegalCallException Reserved exception. 
Node A simple implementation of an actionable node. 
Node IR template element. 
NodeCoordinates A simple implementation of node coordinates. 
NoopInputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
NoopOutputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
NotificationType Notification types reported by units
NotImplementedException A feature is not implemented. 
NumberComparator A comparator of numbers encoded as strings. 
NumberFormatter A number formatter used to format immediates. 
NumberFormatter A number formatter, supporting formatting of immediates of variable sizes using different bases and other properties (e.g., signedness). 
NumberFormatter.Base Rendering base. 
NumberFormatter.HexaNotationType Notation type for hexadecimal bases. 
NumberFormatter.NotationType Notation type for hexadecimal bases. 
NumberFormatter.NumberBase Rendering base. 


O Operator for IR template. 
ObjectLocation Simple implementation of IObjectLocation
OGroup Group of operators for IR templates. 
Operand A simple implementation of IInstructionOperandGeneric
OperatingSystemType Enumeration for high-level operating system types. 
Operation Types of UI operations that client views may decide to support. 
OperationRequest An operation request. 
OperationTimedOutException This exception can be raised when an operation timed out before completion. 
OperationType IR operation types. 
OptimizerEntry<T extends IOptimizerTarget> The runtime equivalent of an IOptimizer
OptimizerEntry.Stat Optimizer runtime statistics.s 
OptimizerMode Modes of operations for a master optimizer. 
OptimizersPerformanceCounters This class holds global performance counters information for a collection of optimizers. 
OptimizersPerformanceCounters.E Performance counters entry. 
OptimizerType Types of IR and AST optimizers. 
OptionDefinition An implementation for an option description. 
OSType Determine the current operating system. 


P Constants for generic JEB client properties. 
PackageCoordinates Coordinates of a code package or namespace. 
Page Simple representation of a page of memory. 
ParametersInfo Dalvik method parameters-to-registers mapping information. 
ParseException ParseException explains why and where the error occurs in source JSON text. 
PassthroughUnitLock Singleton, immutable unit lock implementation that locks nothing. 
PathProcessor The path processor class is used to resolve flexible paths (flexi-paths) and lists of multiple flexi-paths (multi-flexi-paths are flexi-paths separated by semicolons). 
PE Windows PE/COFF constants and static utility methods. 
PEParser A simple PE/PE64 parser (not relying on the IUnit interface) that may be used for convenience purposes. 
Perflog Performance counters, reserved for internal debug use. 
PluginInformation Standard implementation of a plugin information object. 
PluralFormatter A text formatter that takes quantities into account to produce singular-form or plural-form tokens. 
Pointer Description of a pointer or pointer to pointer. 
PointerLocation A pointer location, combining a Pointer with location (address) information. 
Pool<T extends PoolEntry> A collection of entries that can be used by parsers to represent pools. 
PoolEntry A numbered entry in a pool. 
PreArray Placeholder for a deserialized, not fully constructed array. 
PreCollection Placeholder for a deserialized, not fully constructed collection. 
PreMap Placeholder for a deserialized, not fully constructed map. 
PreRoutineInvocationDetails Objects generated during some IR simulation phase, representing the state of memory, registers, and stacks before sub-routine call. 
PrettyPrinter The pretty-printer object does its best to provide a human-readable representation of any object. 
PrettyTypeFormatter C-like formatting an INativeType to a string. 
PrimitiveCategory Primitive type category (encoding). 
PrimitiveSizes Standard implementation for the sizes of C primitives. 
ProcessorException Exception raised by processors when reporting errors found in the machine code to be parsed (eg, invalid opcodes). 
ProcessorFamily Dynamic enumeration of general processor families. 
ProcessorInformation Basic implementation of IProcessorInformation
ProcessorType Dynamic enumeration of processor types. 
ProcessorUtil Utility routines for ProcessorType
ProcessorVariant Definition of a processor variant to further customize a ProcessorType
ProcessWrapper Safe wrapper around ProcessBuilder and Process. 
ProgressCallbackAdapter A concurrency-friendly, standard implementation of the progress callback interface. 
ProjectFileStore A project store backed by the file system. 
PropertyChangeNotification Event data issued with PropertyChange to report changes in one or more JEB properties. 
PropertyChangeNotification.Entry A property change entry. 
PropertyChangeObject Record property changes without applying them (nor notifying listeners), until a call to commit() is made. 
PropertyChangeTriggerBoolean Change trigger for boolean properties. 
PropertyChangeTriggerInteger Change trigger for integer properties. 
PropertyChangeTriggerString Change trigger for string properties. 
PropertyDefinition Definition of a property. 
PropertyDefinitionManager Standard implementation of a property definitions manager (PDM). 
PropertyInputSizeHint Size hint for clients rendering a property. 
PropertyManager Standard implementation of a property manager (PM) using one or more definition managers (PDM) to define legal properties. 
PropertyTypeBoolean Boolean property type. 
PropertyTypeInteger Integer property type with constraints. 
PropertyTypePath Path (custom string) property type. 
PropertyTypeSelection Specialized type of integer property offering a selection of string-based values. 
PropertyTypeString String property type. 
PropertyUtil Utility routines for properties, property managers, and property definition managers. 
PrototypeAttribute Attributes of a native prototype item. 
PublicAnnouncement Public announcement objects are received and used by JEB clients to display important information pushed by PNF Software. 
PythonScriptFactory Create an IScript object out of a JEB Python script. 


QuestionNotificationPath A specific question notification that requires a path. 
QuestionNotificationPath.Type Type of path to be provided in the notification response. 
QuestionNotificationText A specific question notification that requires a text buffer. 
QuestionNotificationYesNo A specific question notification that requires a yes/no response to a question. 


Range A memory range and its protection flags. 
ReferenceCounter<K> A simple, thread-safe object reference counter. 
ReferenceLocation Locations of IReference source/targets, can be either an internal address or an external routine. 
ReferenceType Native reference types attached to IReference
ReflectionHelper Helper routines using the Java Reflection API. 
RegisterBankArm Register bank for an ARM 32-bit processor. 
RegisterBankArm64 Register bank for an ARM 64-bit (Aarch64, ARM v8) processor. 
RegisterBankDummy1 Register bank for the internal PNF virtual processor (dummy) used for testing. 
RegisterBankEmpty Empty register bank. 
RegisterBankMips Register bank for a MIPS 32-bit processor. 
RegisterBankMips64 Register bank for a MIPS 64-bit processor. 
RegisterBankService The register bank service is a global registry maintaining processors' register banks, used by native code objects. 
RegisterBankX64 Register bank for an x86-64 (AMD64) processor. 
RegisterBankX86 Register bank for an i386 (32-bit) processor. 
RegisterDataArm A list of Arm register values. 
RegisterDataArm64 A list of Arm 64 (aarch64) register values. 
RegisterDataMips A list of of Mips register values. 
RegisterDataMips64 A list of Mips 64 register values. 
RegisterDataX64 A list of x86-64 register values. 
RegisterDataX86 A list of x86 register values. 
RegisterDescriptionEntry Description of a processor register. 
RegisterEncoding Type of encoding used for the bits stored in a given register. 
RegisterLayoutBridge A layout bridge permits converting from one register layout to another. 
RegisterType Type of register, used when defining register banks. 
RegisterUtil Utility methods for IRegisterBank and IRegisterData, including methods to create standard register ids. 
ResolvedOperandByteValue A resolved operand representing an immediate value which type is unknown. 
RotatingFileOutputStream Output stream whose sinks are a series of files. 
RoutineIOHandler Concrete accessors of a routine I/O items. 
RunnableWithProgressCallback Base class for Runnable targets providing an IProgressCallback
RuntimeProjectUtil A collection of utility methods to navigate and act on JEB projects. 


S Internationalized strings. 
S7 S7 constants, enumerations, basic types used by the Simatic Step 7 analysis plugin. 
S7.AreaType Area types. 
S7.BlockType Block types. 
S7.DataType Data types. 
S7.Date DATE type parser. 
S7.DateAndTime DATE_AND_TIME type parser. 
S7.LangType Language types. 
S7.S5Time S5TIME type parser. 
S7.SectionType Categories for interface sections. 
S7.StringA STRING types parser. 
S7.Time TIME type parser. 
S7.TimeOfDay TIME_OF_DAY type parser. 
SafeLockImpl Standard implementation of a safe lock, using a serializable reentrant read-write lock. 
SafeLockUtil Utility methods for ISafeLocks. 
SampleDetermination Determination of a file maliciousness level. 
ScriptException This exception is used to report a generic error that occurred when processing a JEB Python script. 
ScriptExecutionException This exception is used to report an error that occurred within a JEB Python script, during that script execution. 
ScriptInitializationException This exception is used to report an error that occurred when initializing a JEB Python script. 
ScriptLoader High-level script loader and executor used by the GUI client. 
ScriptMetadata Metadata information for a JEB script (type, description, version, etc.). 
ScriptMetadataParser Parser and generator of ScriptMetadata objects. 
ScriptPreparationException This exception is used to report an error that occurred when preparing the JEB Python script engine. 
ScriptType Type of a JEB script, currently Python (2.7) or Java (deprecated). 
ScriptUtil Utility methods. 
SecureSocketInfo SSL information object, including the SSL context, X509 certificates manager, and hostname verifier. 
SegmentInformation Standard implementation of the ISegmentInformation interface for segments and sections. 
SegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Standard implementation of a segment-map using a TreeMap as the underlying data structure. 
Ser Mark a type as serializable by the PNF-ORPD mechanism. 
SerArrayList<E> A PNF-serializable version of ArrayList. 
SerConstructor Used to annotate a no-argument constructor. 
SerCustomInit This annotation is used to initialize or customize an object immediately after its fields have been partially deserialized. 
SerCustomInitPostGraph The annotated method will be called after a full object graph has been deserialized. 
SerCustomRead This annotation was used for custom deserialization. 
SerCustomWrite This annotation is used to customize the serialization process of an object. 
SerDisabled Explicitly mark a type and all its descendants as non-serializable. 
SerEnumMap<K extends Enum<K>, V> A serializable version of EnumMap. 
SerEnumSet<E extends Enum<E>> A serializable version of EnumSet. 
SerializationCancelledException The exception is raised when the serialization is cancelled. 
SerializationException Serialization or deserialization I/O exceptions. 
SerializationManager This object provides serializer and deserializers optimized for a collection of specific types. 
Serializer This class allows the serialization of object(s) to a stream of bytes. 
Serializer_v4 Legacy serializer version, deprecated by the current version (5). 
SerializerHelper Serializer helper used by custom save() routines. 
SerId Annotate fields that should be persisted. 
SerList<E> Implementations of this interface must be serializable
SerMap<K, V> Implementations of this interface must be serializable
SerReentrantLock Wrapper for a Java ReentrantLock that supports serialization
SerReentrantReadWriteLock Wrapper for a Java ReentrantReadWriteLock that supports serialization
SerSet<E> Implementations of this interface must be serializable
SerStaticOk This annotation is used to prevent the generation of warnings when static fields (they are not serializable) are of a type that is serializable. 
SerTransient Used to mark a field as explicitly transient - i.e., a field not annotated with SerId
SerVersion Optional annotation for serializable types, used to specify the version of the object. 
SetMap<K, V> A map of keys to sets. 
Sets Utility methods for Set sets. 
Shorts Utility methods for short
SiglibGen Generator of native signature files (*.siglib) for JEB. 
SimpleCommandManager A basic command manager that may be extended. 
SimpleFSFileStore Implementation of a file-store where the record data is kept on the file system. 
SimplePropertyManager Simple implementation of a IPropertyManager that does not use a PDM
SimulationPointInformation An IR simulator state information. 
Sink<T> An abstract output sink receiving the logs. 
SizeFormatter Computer sizes formatting utility methods (bytes, kilo-bytes, etc.) 
SoftwareBuildInfo Description of a software build, including version number and channel type. 
SourceCustomizerAdapter Skeleton class for AST (decompiled code) customizers. 
SPDC "Stack Pointer Delta Candidate". 
SPDDeterminer Manager of stack pointer candidates. 
Stacktraces Utility routines to format stack-traces. 
StandardTelemetryDatabase Standard telemetry database for JEB clients. 
StandardTelemetryEndpoint Standard telemetry end-point for JEB clients. 
StarMatcher A string matcher accepting wildcard-expressions * (any number of chars) and ? (any one char). 
StarMatcher.Result String match result provided by the find method. 
StaticTableDocument A simple table document. 
StaticTextDocument A simple text document. 
StaticTreeDocument A simple tree document. 
StatusLogDrip A manager for GlobalLog#status(String, Object...) STATUS loggers. 
StorageEntry Representation of an immutable storage entry (input/output) for sub-routine calls. 
StorageEntry.TransformationRule Transformation rules for multi-slot storages. 
StorageEntry.Type Type of storage requirements (on the stack, in registers, etc.). 
StreamSink A sink storing the logs in an output stream. 
StreamWrappers Convenient stream wrappers to encrypt or compress data. 
StringEncoding Types of string encoding. 
StringEntry A string in memory. 
StringInfo String information objects used by dynamic-contents managers. 
Strings Utility methods for Strings and CharSequences. 
StructuredLogger The structured logger can generate HTML formatted log. 
StructureTypeFieldEventDetails DO NOT USE. 
StyleInfo Simple style information for text, containing foreground and background colors, as well as bold and italic flags. 
SubInput An input object presenting a partial view of another input. 
SubSeekableByteChannel An seekable channel presenting a region of another seekable channel. 
SubstitutionDefinition Definition of an expression-substitution: input pattern, output pattern 
SubsystemType Dynamic enumeration of subsystems/OS types. 
SwitchInformation Details on a switch-case native construction. 
SwitchInformation.JumpTableInformation Details of a switch's jump table. 
SwitchInformation.SwitchCaseInformation Details on a 'case' of a switch-like statement: the address of the handler code and the corresponding jump table entry (if any, see isJumpTableBased())  
SymbolInformation Standard implementation of ISymbolInformation
SymbolType Enumeration of common types of symbols used in code objects. 
SynchronizedIdentityMap<K, V> A serializable, inefficient, fully synchronized, identity pseudo-map. 
SynchronizedLinkedMap<K, V> A serializable, inefficient, fully synchronized, linked pseudo-map. 
SynchronizedLinkedSet<E> A serializable, inefficient, fully synchronized, linked pseudo-set. 
SystemInformation Utility routines to retrieve system information such as java version, OS name, locale, etc. 
SystemUtil Convenient variables and methods to retrieve OS and running JVM information. 


TableDocumentPart A trivial implementation of table document part. 
TableRow A trivial implementation of a table row of cells. 
TelemetryException This exception is raised when some telemetry operations fail. 
TelemetryNotification This event is to be used by back-end components to forward telemetry requests to a client. 
TelemetryRecord A telemetry record. 
TextBuilder A text buffer builder supporting indentation. 
TextDocumentFragment Wrapper class that provide fragments of text documents. 
TextDocumentPart A simple implementation for a text document part. 
TextDocumentUtil Utility methods for ITextDocument and ITextDocumentPart
TextItem A simple implementation for an actionable text item within a line. 
TextMark Standard implementation of a text mark. 
TextPartUtil Class containing utility methods to operate on parts of text documents. 
TextPartUtil.LineInfo Information about a line of a text document's part. 
ThreadEx<V> An extension of Thread supporting the execution of Callable as well as Runnable. 
ThreadMonitor This class is used to monitor the execution of a target thread. 
ThreadUtil Utility methods to manipulate threads. 
Throwables Utility methods for throwables (errors, exceptions, runtime exceptions). 
TimedOperationVerifier Enforce time-outs on operations and throw OperationTimedOutException
TimeFormatter Utility methods to format timestamps and time deltas. 
ToDoException This exception may be thrown when a functionality has yet to be implemented. 
Token A Token in a Document. 
TokenExtractor A customizable string token extractor. 
TokenExtractor.IDelimiterFinder Definition of a delimiter. 
TokenType These are the various token types supported by SyntaxPane. 
Triple<A, B, C> Handy class holding three typed elements. 
Tuples Integer tuples generator routines. 
TypeCategory Categories for native types. 
TypedContent A buffer of data with a MIME type and contents properties. 
TypeInfo Java type information used by the script interpreter. 
TypeInfoProvider Java type parser and provider used by the script interpreter. 
TypeLayoutInfo Basic memory requirements (layout) for a type. 
TypelibGen Generator of type and constant library files (*.typelib) for JEB. 
TypeLibraryEntry An entry contains a typelib, its metadata, as well as the underlying file (if any). 
TypeLibraryMetadata Metadata header for type library binary files. 
TypeLibraryService The type library service (TLS) is responsible for managing (loading and unloading) native code type libraries (typelibs). 
TypeStringParser A parser for C declarations, types, prototypes and routine signatures. 
TypeUtil Utility routines for native types. 


UnitAddress<T extends IAddressableUnit> A couple (target unit, address), where the address is relative to the target unit. 
UnitChangeEventData Specific data related to a UnitChange change event issued by a unit. 
UnitFormatterAdapter Standard implementation of a unit formatter. 
UnitFormatterUtil Utility methods for unit formatters. 
UnitFragmentPosition Position in a unit fragment. 
UnitItemIdGenerator Generate unique item IDs for objects managed by units. 
UnitLockedException A concurrency error raised when a thread is attempting to access a unit that is locked by another thread. 
UnitNotification Standard implementation of a notification. 
UnitNotificationManager Standard implementation of a notification manager. 
UnitRepresentationAdapter A simple unit representation, always returning the document set at construction time. 
UnitUtil Utility methods for units
UnknownBinaryUnit The fallback unit created if all parsers have failed at identifying some input data. 
UnmanglerException Exception raised during unmangling. 
UnmanglerService The service offers access to a set of IManglingEngine for a INativeCodeUnit
UnsupportedConversionException The conversion to IR is unsupported. 
UntranslatedIntermediateExpressionException Reserved for IR to "other" conversion errors. 
UrlParametersBuilder Custom Map builder for URL parameters (the insertion order is maintained). 
URLUtil Utility methods to manipulate URLs. 
UserCredentials User credentials. 
UserDataSupport Standard implementation of the user-data support decorator interface. 
Util Utility routines to build IR templates. 


Validator Utility methods used to validate specific strings, such as email addresses. 
ValueArray An array of values provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueBoolean A boolean value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueByte An 8-bit integer value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueCharacter A 16-bit Unicode character value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueDouble A double-precision floating point value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueFloat A simple-precision floating point value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueInteger A 32-bit integer value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueLong A 64-bit integer value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueObject A generic object value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueRaw An unknown value provided by a debugger unit, represented as a byte array. 
ValueShort A 16-bit integer value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueString A string value provided by a debugger unit. 
ValueVoid The void value, that may provided by a debugger unit to signify that there is "nothing". 
VarSrc Variable-source object, that is, specify the variable(s) behind a variable-copy. 
VarSrc.E A variable or slice of variable. 
VerifiedDeque<E> Deque wrapper providing verification facility on push
VerifiedDeque.FailureHandler<E> Failure handler for VerifiedDeque
Version Version number object. 
VirtualEncodedMemoryArea Represent a virtual area with a set value 
VirtualMemoryUtil Utility methods for virtual memory classes. 
VirtualMethodCoordinates Coordinates of a virtual method within a class type. 
VMReader Virtual memory utility (outside of VirtualMemoryUtil) to read and map memory bytes to native data types
VMReader.Buf Reader object provided by #VMReader(byte[], INativeType, IVirtualMemory) the reader's read() method. 
VMWriter Virtual memory utility (outside of VirtualMemoryUtil) to write memory bytes mapping to native data types


Watchdog Enforce time-outs on operations and throw OperationTimedOutException
WeakConcurrentMap<K, V> A thread-safe map with weak keys. 
WeakConcurrentMap.WithInlinedExpunction<K, V> A WeakConcurrentMap where stale entries are removed as a side effect of interacting with this map. 
WeakConcurrentSet<V> A thread-safe set with weak values. 
WeakConcurrentSet.Cleaner Determines the cleaning format. 
WeakIdentityHashMap<K, V> A pseudo map where keys are compared using identity comparison (like IdentityHashMap) but where the presence of an object as a key in the map does not prevent it being garbage collected (like WeakHashMap). 
WeakPseudoList<T> A list of weak references. 
WeakValueMap<K, V> A map whose values (and only the values, not the keys) do not prevent garbage collection of entries. 
WellKnownProcessorIds A database of well-known and/or common processor and micro-controller identifiers used by ProcessorType
WellKnownUnitTypes Well-known binary types for unit identifiers
Winunp Bytes unpacking and primitives reading routines with quirks and specificities related to Microsoft file formats. 
Wrapper<T> Wrap an object. 
WrapperUnit<T extends IUnit> Simple wrapper (decorator) unit that delegates its job to the provided IUnit


XAttr Implementation of the Attr API used by XmlParser
XCDATASection Implementation of the CDATASection API used by XmlParser
XCharacterData Implementation of the CharacterData API used by XmlParser
XComment Implementation of the Comment API used by XmlParser
XDocument Implementation of the XDocument API used by XmlParser
XDocumentType Implementation of the DocumentType API used by XmlParser
XElement Implementation of the Element API used by XmlParser
XercesUpdater Update some Apache Xerces (XML parser) character tables used by the JDK. 
XmlBuilder A specialized text builder used to craft XML documents sequentially. 
XmlParser A limited, simple, lenient, fast, and read-only XML parser. 
XmlResourceHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an XML resource. 
XmlUtil XML utility methods. 
XNamedNodeMap Implementation of the NamedNodeMap API used by XmlParser
XNode Implementation of the Node API used by XmlParser
XNodeList Implementation of the NodeList API used by XmlParser
XText Implementation of the Text API used by XmlParser




ZipBrowser An implementation of a Zip browser that uses the standard JDK implementation and falls back to the Apache Commons implementation on error. 
ZipBrowserApache An implementation of a Zip browser that uses the Apache Commons implementation on error. 
ZipBrowserOracle An implementation of a Zip browser that uses the standard JDK implementation. 
ZipBrowserPNF An implementation of a Zip browser backed by JEB's custom fail-safe Zip reader
ZipData Representation of an unzipped entry. 
ZipEntry Representation of a Zip entry. 
ZipFailSafeReader PNF Software's Zip Fail Safe Reader (PZFSR). 
Zips Zip compression utility methods.