This package and its sub-packages contain types and interfaces used to build JEB clients and interact with client-specific sides of a JEB instance.

The most important sub-package for client scripts developers is api/.


AbstractClientContext Base context for official JEB clients. 
AbstractContext Base context for client contexts and core contexts. 
ErrorLogGenerator An error log generator. 
HeadlessClientContext Headless client context for the command-line client. 
JebNet Network utility routines for specific JEB client operations. 
Licensing Read-only informational JEB licensing information. 
P Constants for generic JEB client properties. 
PublicAnnouncement Public announcement objects are received and used by JEB clients to display important information pushed by PNF Software. 
S Internationalized strings. 
SoftwareBuildInfo Description of a software build, including version number and channel type. 
SystemInformation Utility routines to retrieve system information such as java version, OS name, locale, etc.