Event and notification types used by the back-end.


AbstractQuestionNotification<T> Blocking client notification that requires a client-provided response. 
ClientNotification Event notification data for clients. 
ControllerNotification Notification issued by floating controllers to the clients. 
ExceptionNotification A special type of ClientNotification, used to report (forward) exceptions or errors to the client(s). 
JebEvent The standard JEB engines implementation of the IEvent interface. 
JebEventSource The standard engines implementation of an IEventSource
PropertyChangeNotification Event data issued with PropertyChange to report changes in one or more JEB properties. 
PropertyChangeNotification.Entry A property change entry. 
QuestionNotificationPath A specific question notification that requires a path. 
QuestionNotificationText A specific question notification that requires a text buffer. 
QuestionNotificationYesNo A specific question notification that requires a yes/no response to a question. 
TelemetryNotification This event is to be used by back-end components to forward telemetry requests to a client. 


ClientNotificationLevel Notification level for ClientNotification
J JEB back-end event types. 
QuestionNotificationPath.Type Type of path to be provided in the notification response.