Interfaces and classes used to represent unit outputs in the form of text, table, or tree documents.


IActionableItem An active item has an item identifier. 
IGenericDocument Base interface for document types that may be returned by a IUnitFormatter
IItem Base interface for output items. 
IUnitDocumentPresentation Presentation elements are used by clients for display of unit data. 
IUnitFormatter A unit formatter is used to retrieve presentations of a unit. 
IVisualItem Visual items are used to attach class information to items. 


AbstractHtmlFormatter<StyleObject> Abstract Class that helps building HTML outputs. 
AbstractUnitRepresentation A skeleton class for unit document presentations. 
UnitFormatterAdapter Standard implementation of a unit formatter. 
UnitFormatterUtil Utility methods for unit formatters. 
UnitItemIdGenerator Generate unique item IDs for objects managed by units. 
UnitRepresentationAdapter A simple unit representation, always returning the document set at construction time. 


AddressConversionPrecision Define the format precision of an address. 
ItemClassIdentifiers Well-known class identifiers for interactive items.