The core package and subpackages define classes and interfaces to develop JEB back-end plugins.

Back-end plugins come in 2 varieties:

  • Engines plugins: those plugins are loaded by the engine and can run any code.
  • Unit plugins (also referred to as parsers): those plugins are used to parse input data and provide results to front-ends. They are primarily used to extend JEB functionality as they allow third-party addition of disassemblers, decompilers, reformatters, deobfuscators, parsers, or binary data transformers of any sort to the JEB base package.


IArtifact Base interface for artifacts. 
ICoreContext A core context. 
IDynamicTargetPlugin A dynamic target plugin is a special type of plugin that takes one or more units as input and provide augmentation for those units. 
IEnginesContext A context for JEB engines. 
IEnginesPlugin Interface for standard engines plugin. 
ILiveArtifact A "runtime" artifact, that connects a project, an artifact, and root units. 
IOptionDefinition Simple definition for a type-less option, containing a name and a description. 
IPlugin Base interface for JEB back-end plugins. 
IPluginFileEntry<T extends IPlugin>  
IPluginInformation Plugin information object. 
IPluginManager JEB plugin manager for external plugins running alongside the JEB back-end components. 
IRuntimeProject A runtime project represents a loaded instance of a JEB project. 
ITypedOptionDefinition Extended, typed option containing type of definition in addition to IOptionDefinition
IUnitContribution A unit contribution plugin. 
IUnitCreator An interface implemented by all types that produce units
IUnitFilter A filter for units, used by RuntimeProjectUtil utility methods. 


AbstractEnginesPlugin Skeleton implementation for an engines plugin
AbstractPlugin Skeleton implementation. 
Artifact A simple implementation for a named artifact that takes a flexible IInput object as input. 
AssetManager Manager for Core assets. 
BooleanOptionDefinition Single Boolean Option. 
CoreOptions Public options for ICoreContext
DevPluginClassname These objects represent classnames of plugins that are currently being developed. 
EnginesContextUtil Utility routines for JEB Engines context
EnginesPropertiesUtil Utility class to handle (parse and get, build and save) some JEB back-end properties. 
JebClientInformation Information about a JEB client (aka, a JEB front-end). 
JebConstants JEB constants. 
JebCoreService Service class used to create or retrieve a reference to the JEB core context. 
ListOptionDefinition Option based on a list of elements, represented as String values. 
OptionDefinition An implementation for an option description. 
PluginInformation Standard implementation of a plugin information object. 
RuntimeProjectUtil A collection of utility methods to navigate and act on JEB projects. 
Version Version number object, in the form of: or major.minor-channelString.buildid.timestamp