Standard implementation of the properties set of interfaces.


CommonsConfigurationWrapper This class wraps Apache Commons Configuration v2 objects. 
ConfigurationMemoryMap Configuration implementation where objects are stored in a hash-map in memory. 
PropertyChangeObject Record property changes without applying them (nor notifying listeners), until a call to commit() is made. 
PropertyChangeTriggerBoolean Change trigger for boolean properties. 
PropertyChangeTriggerInteger Change trigger for integer properties. 
PropertyChangeTriggerString Change trigger for string properties. 
PropertyDefinition Definition of a property. 
PropertyDefinitionManager Standard implementation of a property definitions manager (PDM). 
PropertyManager Standard implementation of a property manager (PM) using one or more definition managers (PDM) to define legal properties. 
PropertyTypeBoolean Boolean property type. 
PropertyTypeInteger Integer property type with constraints. 
PropertyTypePath Path (custom string) property type. 
PropertyTypeSelection Specialized type of integer property offering a selection of string-based values. 
PropertyTypeString String property type. 
PropertyUtil Utility routines for properties, property managers, and property definition managers. 
SimplePropertyManager Simple implementation of a IPropertyManager that does not use a PDM


PropertyInputSizeHint Size hint for clients rendering a property.