Control flow graph classes used by the Android components, including dexdec.

Do not mix up with the implementation used by the native code analysis pipeline.


IVariableInformationProvider Provide additional variable information to a CFG and associated classes. 


AbstractGraphReorganizer<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> Facility for CFG graph nodes reordering and graph address shifting. 
BasicBlock<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> This class represents a basic block of generic instructions. 
BasicBlockBuilder<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> Used to construct a BasicBlock
CFG<InsnType extends ILocatedInstruction> This class represents a Control Flow Graph for a method, or more generally, any body of code. 
IrregularFlowData Define an irregular flow between two blocks of a CFG. 


ChainType Type of data flow analysis chain.