This package and sub-packages contain all types used by Android code analysis plugins.

Note that Java parsing and representation is located in the ../java package.


IApkUnit Interface for units representing Android "application packages", aka APK files. 
IDalvikDebuggerUnit Specialized interface for Dalvik code debuggers. 
IDexContextInfoProvider Context information provider, in relation to a dex unit
IDexDecompilerUnit Specialized interface representing Dex (Dalvik) decompiler Units. 
IDexDynamic Container for dynamic dex features, such as JNI functions. 
IDexFile Representation of a single classesX.dex file of an APK. 
IDexReferenceManager Manager of cross-references for Dex units. 
IDexUnit Interface for units representing Android Dalvik bytecode containers, aka Dex files. 
IEmulatedAndroid Interface for a simple Android OS environment. 
IGenericUnpacker Interface for a simple Android APK unpacker that will attempt to gather resources extracted at runtime. 
IJLSAnnotation An annotation, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSClass A class, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSField A field, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSMethod A method, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSType A type, as defined by the JLS. 
IJLSTypeAdapter An adapter for Java-like types. 
IJLSValue A value, as defined by the JLS. 
IJniEndpoint Definition of a JNI endpoint. 
INativeLibrary Description of a native code ELF library (dynamic SO) managed by emulators. 
IOptimizedDexUnit Interface for "optimized" dex units, aka "odex" units. 
IXApkUnit Definition of an "extended" APK unit, aka X-APK. 


AndroidSdkUtil Utility routines to retrieve the Android SDK and Android NDK locations. 
ApkManifestHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an Android APK Manifest. 
ApkManifestHelper.ActivityDescription Short description of an APK activity end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.ApplicationDescription Description of the APK's application. 
ApkManifestHelper.EndPointDescription Short description of APK end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.IntentFilterDescription Short description of an intent filter. 
ApkManifestHelper.IntentFilterDescriptions A collection of intent filters. 
ApkManifestHelper.ProviderDescription Short description of an APK provider end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.ReceiverDescription Short description of an APK received end-point. 
ApkManifestHelper.ServiceDescription Short description of an APK service end-point. 
APKSigSchemeV2Block This class represents an APK Signature Scheme v2 Block
APKSigSchemeV3Block The APK signature scheme version 3 is an extension of version 2. 
ApkStringResHelper Gather APK string resources to make them easily retrievable by client code, such as disassembly generators for IDexUnit
ApkXmlResourceHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an Android XML resource. 
DalvikCallgraphBuilder Specialized builder for Dalvik Dex call-graphs. 
DexCommentManager A comment manager for dex units
DexConstantLibrary A manager for constant and pseudo-constant fields of a dex unit. 
DexDecompilerEvent<T> Events generated by Dex decompilers. 
DexDecompilerEventQueue An async-queue holding events generated by Dex decompilers. 
DexDecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to *.java files all or a subset of classes or methods of a Dex unit
DexUtil Dex utility routines. 
JvmFieldSig Representation of JVM internal field signature. 
JvmGenericsClassSig Java Generics signature parser for ClassSignature
JvmGenericsMethodSig Java Generics signature parser for MethodSignature
JvmGenericsTypeSig Java Generics signature parser for any JavaTypeSignature
JvmGenericsUtils Java Generics signature parser. 
JvmMethodDescriptor Representation of JVM internal method descriptor. 
JvmMethodSig Representation of JVM internal method signature. 
JvmTypeSig Utility methods for JVM internal signature names. 
JvmUtil Utility methods to generate JVM internal signatures from Java's Reflection API objects. 
ParametersInfo Dalvik method parameters-to-registers mapping information. 
XmlResourceHelper This helper class facilitates access to the data contained in an XML resource. 


ApkManifestHelper.AndroidSystemType Types of Android systems. 
ApkManifestHelper.EndPointType Types of APK end-points. 
ContextAccessType Define the type of context-access performed by an Android method. 
EffectiveFinalityType Define the effective finality of a Dex field. 
IDalvikDebuggerUnit.ThreadFrameSlotIndexMode Slot index mode of a thread-frame. 


DexParsingException This exception may be raised when an error is encountered when parsing a Dex file.