Control-flow graph types specific to native code.


IFormattingContextFactory<InsnType extends IInstruction> Customize instruction rendering via the generation of formatting-context objects. 
IVariableInformationProvider Variable information provider (such as names). 
IVariableProvider A provider of variables


AbstractCFGReorganizer<InsnType extends IInstruction> Facility for CFG graph nodes reordering. 
BasicBlock<InsnType extends IInstruction> This class represents a basic block of generic instructions. 
CFG<InsnType extends IInstruction> This class represents a Control Flow Graph for a method (routine) or any body of code. 
CFGFormatter<InsnType extends IInstruction> Customizable CFG formatter. 
CFGUtil Static utility routines for control flow graphs. 
CFGVerifier<InsnType extends IInstruction> Verifier of control flow graphs. 
IrregularFlowData Used to model the exception flows: try-block and catch/handler address. 


CfgVerificationException This exception is raised when a CFG failed verification.