public class


extends Object

Class Overview

Type information and events (types successfully applied, recorded conflicts, etc.) generated when applying wildcard types to IR expressions.


Nested Classes
class ETypeInfo.Entry Type information entry. 
Public Constructors
ETypeInfo(IERoutineContext ectx)
Public Methods
int getChangedCounter()
List<ETypeInfo.Entry> getConflicts()
int getConflictsCount()
IERoutineContext getContext()
int getUnchangedCounter()
IWildcardTypeManager getWildcardTypeManager()
boolean isAllowApplyComplexTypes()
int recordChanged()
void recordConflict(String msg, IEGeneric elt, IWildcardType currentType, IWildcardType wantedType)
int recordUnchanged()
void resetCounters()
void setAllowApplyComplexTypes(boolean applyComplexTypes)
String toString()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public ETypeInfo (IERoutineContext ectx)

Public Methods

public int getChangedCounter ()

public List<ETypeInfo.Entry> getConflicts ()

public int getConflictsCount ()

public IERoutineContext getContext ()

public int getUnchangedCounter ()

public IWildcardTypeManager getWildcardTypeManager ()

public boolean isAllowApplyComplexTypes ()

public int recordChanged ()

public void recordConflict (String msg, IEGeneric elt, IWildcardType currentType, IWildcardType wantedType)

public int recordUnchanged ()

public void resetCounters ()

public void setAllowApplyComplexTypes (boolean applyComplexTypes)

public String toString ()