Types specific to gendec's IR optimizers.


IEMasterOptimizer Base interface for IR master optimizers. 
IEOptFilterCanDiscard Interface for can-discard filter implementations used by a master optimizer. 
IEOptimizer Base interface for IR optimizers. 


AbstractEBlockOptimizer Skeleton for an IRE basic block optimizer. 
AbstractEExpressionOptimizer Skeleton for a top-down, recursive, IEGeneric optimizer. 
AbstractEExpressionOptimizer.EOR Optimized Expression  
AbstractEOptimizer Base class for IR optimizers. 
AbstractEPatternOptimizer Pattern-Matcher-Replacer optimizers run with the policy UPDATE_IF_OPTIMIZED or UPDATE_IF_REQUIRED
AbstractEStatementOptimizer Skeleton for an IRE EStatement statement optimizer. 
EMasterOptimizer Standard master optimizer for CFG of IEStatement IR instructions. 


DataChainsUpdatePolicy Post-optimizer update policy for data chains.