Common types used by gendec's optimizers.


IMasterOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Definition of a master optimizer, whose role is to manage and orchestrate the execution of individual optimizers. 
IMasterOptimizerInstrumenter<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Instrumentation engine for IMasterOptimizer, providing callbacks to be executed before/after optimizations. 
IOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Plugin interface for generic code optimizer. 
IOptimizerTarget Base interface for objects that may be the target of an optimizer. 


AbstractMasterOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Standard implementation of a generic master optimizer. 
AbstractOptimizer<T extends IOptimizerTarget> Skeleton for a generic artifact optimizer. 
OptimizerEntry<T extends IOptimizerTarget> The runtime equivalent of an IOptimizer
OptimizerEntry.Stat Optimizer runtime statistics.s 
OptimizersPerformanceCounters This class holds global performance counters information for a collection of optimizers. 
OptimizersPerformanceCounters.E Performance counters entry. 


OptimizerMode Modes of operations for a master optimizer. 
OptimizerType Types of IR and AST optimizers.