Types used by debugger plugins.


IDebuggerBreakpoint Definition of a breakpoint. 
IDebuggerEventData Definition of the event data associated with a DbgTargetEvent event type. 
IDebuggerMachineInformation Machine information interface. 
IDebuggerModule Definition of a library or code module. 
IDebuggerProcessInformation Process information interface. 
IDebuggerTargetEnumerator Define an enumerator of machines that may offer candidate targets for debugging. 
IDebuggerTargetInformation Description of a debugger target. 
IDebuggerThread Standard interface for a thread object managed by a debugger. 
IDebuggerThreadStackFrame Definition of a thread stack frame. 
IDebuggerUnit Main Application Programming / Service Provider interface for JEB debugger units. 
IDebuggerUnitIdentifier Specialized identifier for debugger units. 
IDebuggerVariable A variable managed by a debugger. 
IDebuggerVirtualMemory Extension of the virtual memory interface providing additional methods useful in the context of a process controlled by a debugger. 
ITypedValue A typed value. 


DebuggerConnectorClass Lit of connector types. 
DebuggerEventType Debugger event types. 
DebuggerOperationType Basic operation types. 
DebuggerSuspendPolicy Thread or process suspension types. 
DebuggerThreadStatus Statuses of a debugged thread. 


DebuggerException Exceptions of this type are raised by debugger modules