public interface


Class Overview

A dynamic content manager is used by AST output sinks to customize the generated output.


Public Methods
abstract List<String> findTypesWithSuperMethods(int methodIndex)
abstract String generatePackageName(JavaOutputSink out, IJavaType type)
abstract boolean generateType(JavaOutputSink out, IJavaType type, boolean isFullyQualified, boolean isDefinition, long constructorItemId)
abstract long getBestVirtualMethodId(int methodIndex, IJavaType actualObjecttype, List<Integer> candidateMethodsIndices)
abstract String getComment(ICodeCoordinates coordinates)
abstract String getDecryptorData(int methodIndex)
abstract IDexType getDexType(String csig)
abstract long getFieldId(int index)
abstract String getFieldName(int index)
abstract String getFieldSignature(int index)
abstract long getIdentifierId(IdentifierCoordinates coordinates)
abstract String getIdentifierName(IdentifierCoordinates coordinates)
abstract long getImmediateId(long rawvalue)
abstract int getImmediatePreferredBase(long rawvalue)
abstract long getImplFieldId(int fieldIndex)
abstract long getImplStaticMethodId(int methodIndex)
abstract long getLabelId(ICodeCoordinates coordinates)
abstract String getLabelName(ICodeCoordinates coordinates)
abstract long getMethodId(int index)
abstract String getMethodName(int index)
abstract String getMethodSignature(int index)
abstract String getPreComment(ICodeCoordinates coordinates)
abstract StringInfo getStringInfo(String constant)
abstract boolean isAnonymousClass(IJavaType type)
abstract String retrieveImmediateHint(long rawValue)
abstract boolean wasFieldRenamed(int index)
abstract boolean wasMethodRenamed(int index)

Public Methods

public abstract List<String> findTypesWithSuperMethods (int methodIndex)

public abstract String generatePackageName (JavaOutputSink out, IJavaType type)

public abstract boolean generateType (JavaOutputSink out, IJavaType type, boolean isFullyQualified, boolean isDefinition, long constructorItemId)

public abstract long getBestVirtualMethodId (int methodIndex, IJavaType actualObjecttype, List<Integer> candidateMethodsIndices)

public abstract String getComment (ICodeCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract String getDecryptorData (int methodIndex)

public abstract IDexType getDexType (String csig)

public abstract long getFieldId (int index)

public abstract String getFieldName (int index)

public abstract String getFieldSignature (int index)

public abstract long getIdentifierId (IdentifierCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract String getIdentifierName (IdentifierCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract long getImmediateId (long rawvalue)

public abstract int getImmediatePreferredBase (long rawvalue)

public abstract long getImplFieldId (int fieldIndex)

public abstract long getImplStaticMethodId (int methodIndex)

public abstract long getLabelId (ICodeCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract String getLabelName (ICodeCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract long getMethodId (int index)

public abstract String getMethodName (int index)

public abstract String getMethodSignature (int index)

public abstract String getPreComment (ICodeCoordinates coordinates)

public abstract StringInfo getStringInfo (String constant)

public abstract boolean isAnonymousClass (IJavaType type)

public abstract String retrieveImmediateHint (long rawValue)

public abstract boolean wasFieldRenamed (int index)

public abstract boolean wasMethodRenamed (int index)