public interface


implements ICompound

Class Overview

Java AST interface used to represent a for-each Java 5 loop statement.

 for(Any var: iterable) { ... }


Public Methods
abstract IJavaBlock getBody()
Get the loop body.
abstract IJavaExpression getIterable()
abstract IJavaDefinition getVariable()
abstract void setBody(IJavaBlock b)
Set the loop post-iteration statement.
abstract void setIterable(IJavaExpression iterable)
abstract void setVariable(IJavaDefinition var)
Inherited Methods
From interface
From interface

Public Methods

public abstract IJavaBlock getBody ()

Get the loop body.

  • the loop body, never null

public abstract IJavaExpression getIterable ()

public abstract IJavaDefinition getVariable ()

public abstract void setBody (IJavaBlock b)

Set the loop post-iteration statement.

b mandatory loop body

public abstract void setIterable (IJavaExpression iterable)

public abstract void setVariable (IJavaDefinition var)