Types related to JEB code plugins, including disassemblers, decompilers, and debuggers.


IBasicBlock<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for CFG's basic block objects. 
IBasicBlockSkeleton<InsnType extends IInstruction> Generic interface for basic block builders. 
ICFGOwnerContext Definition of a context owning or managing a control flow graph. 
ICodeClass A class object. 
ICodeData Definition of a code unit's data object. 
ICodeField A field object. 
ICodeHierarchy Get a tree representing the code hierarchy of a code unit. 
ICodeInstruction A code item wrapping an instruction. 
ICodeItem Definition of a generic code object. 
ICodeMethod Interface representing a method. 
ICodePackage Abstraction for a code package (or namespace). 
ICodePointer Definition of a pointer to code (an entry-point), consisting of an address and a processor mode. 
ICodePrototype Definition of a routine's prototype object. 
ICodeString Definition of a string in a code unit. 
ICodeType The most generic interface for a type in a code unit. 
ICodeUnit Base interface for units representing disassembled binary code, such as bytecode, opcodes, object files, executable files, and so on. 
IControlFlowGraph<InsnType extends IInstruction, Block extends IBasicBlock<InsnType>> Generic interface for control flow graph (CFG) objects. 
IDecompilerUnit Generic interface for decompilers. 
IDFA<InsnType extends IInstruction> Specification of a data flow analysis objects for control flow graphs. 
IFlowInformation Information relative to execution flow changes. 
IInstruction A generic interface to represent machine-code or bytecode instructions. 
IInstructionOperand Base definition for instruction operands. 
ILocatedInstruction An addressable instruction. 
INodeVisitor<T> Tree visitor interface. 
IResizableInstruction A resizable instruction can have its size modified after creation. 
ISourceUnit This interface is used to represent source code abstract syntax trees (AST). 
IVariable High-level definition of a variable (aka identifier), generated and used by decompilers. 
IVisitResults<T> Visit results interface for statement trees. 


AbstractCodeUnit Skeleton of a code unit. 
AbstractVisitResults<T> Skeleton implementation for visit result objects. 
AddressableInstruction<InsnType extends IInstruction> Decorator that makes address-less instructions addressable
CFGUtil Utility code for IControlFlowGraph
CFGUtil.BlockGroup Given a start block A and an end block B, find the group of blocks G flowing from A to B, such that: 1) all blocks in G are reachable from A; 2) no blocks in G are reachable from B. 
CFGUtil.DotFileGenerator GraphViz generator for CFG objects. 
CFGUtil.RegionFinder This class attempts to determine a region in a graph. 
CodeCommentManager<U extends ICodeUnit> A comment manager for code units
CodePointer Standard implementation of a pointer to code. 
CodeUtil Utility routines for code units. 
DecompilationContext Decompilation context holding information about a decompilation and its results, as well as decompilation options. 
DecompilationOptions Decompilation options used in DecompilationContexts. 
DecompilationOptions.Builder Builder of decompilation options. 
DecompilationResult Decompilation result information. 
DecompilerExporter Helper class used to decompile and export to source files all or a subset of classes or methods of a code unit. 
DefUseInfo Def-use information object provided by instruction for data-flow analysis purposes. 
DFA4<InsnType extends IInstruction> Lean Data Flow Analysis (DFA) object implementation. 
DFAUtil Utility routines for Data Flow Analysis objects (see IDFA and its implementation DFA4). 
DUI Def-use information object provided by IDFA implementation. 
FlowInformation Default IFlowInformation implementation 
IdRanges A collection of var-id ranges. 
InstructionUtil Utility methods for IInstruction objects. 
NativeCommentManager A comment manager for native code units
Pointer Description of a pointer or pointer to pointer. 
PointerLocation A pointer location, combining a Pointer with location (address) information. 
StringInfo String information objects used by dynamic-contents managers. 


DecompilerOutputType Common types of output produced by IDecompilerUnits. 
InstructionFlags Instruction flags; these flags encode additional static information (i.e.