Standard implementations of basic units objects.


AbstractCommentManager<C, U extends IInteractiveUnit> An comment manager to be used by IInteractiveUnit
AbstractUnitProvider Default serializable abstract implementation of IUnitProvider
BinaryWrapperUnit Simple wrapper (decorator) for IBinaryUnit
Comment Comments are managed by comment managers
CommentManager Basic implementation using String addressing only. 
ContainerUnit Container units are non-binary units used to represent tree structures. 
DataContainerUnit Container units used to recursively process virtual folders and data blobs. 
DataContainerUnit.Entry Node of a container unit. 
FileContainerUnit Container units used to represent folders and files. 
InteractiveWrapperUnit Simple wrapper (decorator) for IInteractiveUnit
LazyDataContainerUnit A data container unit that fetches the data of its nodes only when necessary. 
LazyDataContainerUnit.Entry Node of a lazy container unit. 
MetaComment A meta comment, used to add information to a full comment
WrapperUnit<T extends IUnit> Simple wrapper (decorator) unit that delegates its job to the provided IUnit