Basic utility types, used by other utility code.


AutoCloseable2 An extension of AutoCloseable whose close method does not throw exceptions. 
IProgressCallback Progress callback interface, used by various types to provide progress information about an on-going task. 
ISimpleFilter<T> A functional interface used to check an object and provide a boolean value. 
IStringMatcher Interface to implement string matchers. 
ITypedContentProperties Generic interface representing the properties of a TypedContent


Assert A replacement for built-in asserts. 
BashHelper Helper to interact with bash terminals. 
CallableWithProgressCallback<V> Base class for Callable targets providing an IProgressCallback
CharSequenceList Manager for a list of CharSequence, itself a CharSequence. 
Couple<A, B> Handy class holding two typed elements. 
DynamicEnum<E extends DynamicEnum<E>> Base class for dynamic enumerations. 
Enums Utility code for enumerations (enum). 
Env Helper to retrieve system environment variables or, as a fallback, local environment variables provided by a Bash interactive shell (on non-Windows systems). 
ExecutionTargetWithProgressCallback A support class providing IProgressCallback proxy facility for Runnable and Callable. 
Flags Bit flags object, int based (allow 32 bit flags). 
HtmlTypedContentProperties Properties of an HTML TypedContent
IniFileEditor A reader-and-writer for ini configuration files. 
JavaUtil A collection of primitives relative to the Java language itself. 
PathProcessor The path processor class is used to resolve flexible paths (flexi-paths) and lists of multiple flexi-paths (multi-flexi-paths are flexi-paths separated by semicolons). 
ProgressCallbackAdapter A concurrency-friendly, standard implementation of the progress callback interface. 
RunnableWithProgressCallback Base class for Runnable targets providing an IProgressCallback
Stacktraces Utility routines to format stack-traces. 
StarMatcher A string matcher accepting wildcard-expressions * (any number of chars) and ? (any one char). 
StarMatcher.Result String match result provided by the find method. 
SystemUtil Convenient variables and methods to retrieve OS and running JVM information. 
Throwables Utility methods for throwables (errors, exceptions, runtime exceptions). 
Triple<A, B, C> Handy class holding three typed elements. 
Tuples Integer tuples generator routines. 
TypedContent A buffer of data with a MIME type and contents properties. 
Wrapper<T> Wrap an object. 


FileType Simple file type determination routine primarily based on path extension, and optionally, file contents. 
OSType Determine the current operating system.