IExtractor<T, K> Generic extractor interface. 
IMultiSegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>>  
ISegment<K extends Comparable<K>> The value type used by segment-maps
ISegmentFactory<K, V> Factory method for gap-map segments
ISegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Definition of a segment-map (similar to interval-map). 
VerifiedDeque.FailureHandler<E> Failure handler for VerifiedDeque


AddressHashMap<V> A concurrent map whose keys are addresses hardcoded as unsigned long. 
AddressHashSet A concurrent set whose values are addresses hardcoded as unsigned long. 
AddressSegmentMap<T extends ISegment<Long>> Segment-map specialized to handle memory addresses, up to 64-bit. 
AddressTreeMap<V> A concurred ordered map whose keys are addresses hardcoded as unsigned long. 
AddressTreeSet A concurrent ordered set whose values are addresses hardcoded as unsigned long. 
ArrayList1<E> A list ideally suited to contain 0 or 1 element. 
ArrayUtil Utility methods for arrays. 
AsyncEventQueue<E> Highly efficient, loosely bounded concurrent pseudo-queue for single-reader/multiple-writers scenarios. 
BiMap<K, V> A bidirectional map of key-values. 
Bitmap A fast, efficient bitmap making optimal use of memory. 
BytePipe A dynamic byte array/pipe: bytes are written/appended at the end; bytes are read from the beginning. 
CacheMap<K, V> A simple and inefficient cache map. 
CFBytesTrie<T> A trie map specialized to handle context-free (CF) binary strings. 
CollectionUtil Convenience methods for Java Collection collections, in particular, List lists. 
ConcurrentList<T> A concurrent version of ArrayList. 
IntGauge An integer gauge is used to define an integer range to be filled. 
IntList A memory-efficient list of int primitives. 
IntMap A memory-efficient map (dictionary) of int primitives to int primitives. 
ItemHistory<T> Generic tracker of items, based on a simple history queue (get last, get next) model. 
Lists Collection of utility functions to create of manipulate concrete or abstract lists. 
LongSegment A segment with signed long memory addresses. 
MapBuilder<K, V>  
Maps Utility methods for map. 
MultiList<E> A list of lists to be used as a fast-access multi-map for cases where the key is an integer index located in a compact [0, N] range. 
MultiMap<K, V> A multi-map of key-values, whose insertion order for the values of a given key is maintained. 
MultiSegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>>  
ReferenceCounter<K> A simple, thread-safe object reference counter. 
SegmentMap<K extends Comparable<K>, V extends ISegment<K>> Standard implementation of a segment-map using a TreeMap as the underlying data structure. 
SetMap<K, V> A map of keys to sets. 
Sets Set utility methods. 
SynchronizedIdentityMap<K, V> A serializable, highly inefficient, albeit fully synchronized, identity pseudo-map. 
SynchronizedLinkedMap<K, V> A serializable, highly inefficient, albeit fully synchronized, linked pseudo-map. 
SynchronizedLinkedSet<E> A serializable, highly inefficient, albeit fully synchronized, linked pseudo-set. 
VerifiedDeque<E> Deque wrapper providing verification facility on push
WeakIdentityHashMap<K, V> A pseudo map where keys are compared using identity comparison (like IdentityHashMap) but where the presence of an object as a key in the map does not prevent it being garbage collected (like WeakHashMap). 
WeakPseudoList<T> A list of weak references. 
WeakValueMap<K, V> A map whose values (and only the values, not the keys) do not prevent garbage collection of entries.