Types used to format data to text.


IAsciiable Interface for objects supporting encoding to an ascii string. 
TokenExtractor.IDelimiterFinder Definition of a delimiter. 


AlphanumCharComparator A character comparator that sort strings using a specific order. 
BigIntegers A collection of BigInteger utility routines. 
CharSequences Utility methods for character sequences. 
Charsets Character set utility methods. 
DateFormatter Utility methods to format dates. 
Formatter A collection of binary and number formatting and escaping methods. 
HtmlFormatter Collection of methods to work on and generate HTML documents. 
NumberComparator A comparator of numbers encoded as strings. 
NumberFormatter A number formatter, supporting formatting of immediates of variable sizes using different bases and other properties (e.g., signedness). 
PluralFormatter A text formatter that takes quantities into account to produce singular-form or plural-form tokens. 
PrettyPrinter The pretty-printer object does its best to provide a human-readable representation of any object. 
SizeFormatter Computer sizes formatting utility methods (bytes, kilo-bytes, etc.) 
Strings Utility methods for Strings and CharSequences. 
TextBuilder A text buffer builder supporting indentation. 
TimeFormatter Utility methods to format timestamps and time deltas. 
TokenExtractor A customizable string token extractor. 
Validator Utility methods used to validate specific strings, such as email addresses. 
XercesUpdater Update some Apache Xerces (XML parser) character tables used by the JDK. 
XmlBuilder A specialized text builder used to craft XML documents sequentially. 


NumberFormatter.Base Rendering base. 
NumberFormatter.NotationType Notation type for hexadecimal bases.