Types for I/O operations, such as file writing/reading, file monitors, directory browsing.


ArraySeekableByteChannel Read-only, seekable, byte-array backed channel. 
ByteArray Primitive reader for little-endian byte arrays. 
ByteBufferUtil Utility methods for ByteBuffers. 
ChannelHelper Helper for Channels, in particular, SeekableByteChannels. 
ChannelUtil Utility methods for Channels, in particular, SeekableByteChannels. 
DirectByteArrayOutputStream Extend ByteArrayOutputStream to provide direct access to the underlying byte array. 
DirectoryEnumerator List (full in-memory enumeration) or iterate over a directory contents, with support for recursion and regex file filters. 
DummyInputStream Dummy reader class: all read operations return 0, and the number of bytes being read is tracked. 
DummyOutputStream Dummy writer class: does not write, simply count the number of bytes being written. 
EndianUtil Byte array to/from primitives with endianness support. 
FileMonitor File monitors can be used to create and retrieve lock on a file for exclusive operations. 
IO File manipulation utility routines. 
LEDataInputStream Little-endian version of a DataInputStream. 
LEDataOutputStream Little-endian version of a DataOutputStream. 
NoopInputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
NoopOutputStream A no-operation filter stream. 
RotatingFileOutputStream Output stream whose sinks are a series of files. 
StreamWrappers Convenient stream wrappers to encrypt or compress data. 
SubSeekableByteChannel An seekable channel presenting a region of another seekable channel. 


Endianness An enumeration version of ByteOrder.