Types used to create and access gendec's IR (Intermediate Representation).


EState.PointerSanitizer Pointer sanitizer interface, used to generate a valid address from a pointer value. 
IEAssign IR expression representing an assignment. 
IEBranchDetails Describe the side effects of a raw PC assignment. 
IECall IR statement used to represent calls to sub-routines. 
IECompose Composition of two or more IR expressions. 
IECond This IR expression represents the ternary conditional expression. 
IEGeneric Base interface for IR expressions (IRE) used by JEB's native decompilation engine, gendec
IEGroup This IR represents a group of variables or slices of variables. 
IEGroupElt This IR represents the element of an IEGroup
IEImm A terminal IR representing an immediate value. 
IEJump IR expression representing an intra-procedural jump to a fixed IR target. 
IEJumpFar A conditional branching instruction to an arbitrary IR representing a native address. 
IEJumpWithOptionalCondition Base interface used to represent IR short or long jumps. 
IEMem An IR expression representing a dereference to a sized memory area. 
IENop A no-operation IR instruction. 
IEOperation An IR operation. 
IEPrototypeHandler Wildcard prototype (eprototype) handler, used to apply, retrieve, and refine eprototypes applied to decompiled routines. 
IERange This IR object represents immutable integer range object. 
IEReturn A routine terminator. 
IESimulationResults This object carries results of some IR simulation phase. 
IESlice This IR represents a slice of another IR expression. 
IEStackManager Element of an IR context providing support for creating local vars representing stack variables. 
IEStateHooks Memory hooks. 
IEStatement Base class for all IR statements. 
IESwitch Switch (branch to N sites) IR statement. 
IEUntranslatedInstruction Special IR statement that can be used to wrap non-standard, partially translated, or untranslated native code instructions. 
IEVar Representation of an IR variable. 
IEVisitor IR tree visitor interface. 
IMergeController Controller for IR State mergers performed by EState#mergeWith(EState, IMergeController). 
IWildcardPrototype Interface for wildcard prototype (eprototypes), built out of wildcard types (etypes). 
IWildcardType Wildcard types can be defined (they wrap native types) or undefined (they contain a set of attributes partially defining the actual type, such as effective size, group, signedness, etc.). 
IWildcardTypeManager A wildcard type manager manages wildcard types (partially defined types) used by JEB's native decompiler. 


AddressConversionLists IR-offset to/from native-address conversion lists. 
EBranchDetails Standard implementation. 
ECFGFormatter Specialized formatter specifically for IR CFG. 
EDefUseInfo Specialized def-use information object for IR statements. 
ELocation IR location object, holding an IR context and an IR statement offset. 
EPrototypeHandler Standard implementation used to handle wildcard prototypes. 
EState An IR machine state object, onto which stand-alone evaluations or full emulation can be performed. 
EState.Frame An emulated stack frame. 
EStateDumper Dump the memory and registers of an EState object to files (img_xxx and registers). 
ETypeInfo Type information and events (types successfully applied, recorded conflicts, etc.) generated when applying wildcard types to IR expressions. 
ETypeInfo.Entry Type information entry. 
EUtil Utility methods to manipulate IR expressions
EVarCopyFinder Retrieve variables underlying variable copies generated after an SSA pass. 
EVisitResults Visit result object, provided to the call-back methods of a gendec IR visitor object. 
FunctionOptype Custom operator ("function") used to build custom operations
FunctionOptypeFactory Factory object for custom operators. 
MemoryAccessInfo Memory access information object. 
PreRoutineInvocationDetails Objects generated during some IR simulation phase, representing the state of memory, registers, and stacks before sub-routine call. 
SimulationPointInformation An IR simulator state information. 
SPDC "Stack Pointer Delta Candidate". 
SPDDeterminer Manager of stack pointer candidates. 
VarSrc Variable-source object, that is, specify the variable(s) behind a variable-copy. 
VarSrc.E A variable or slice of variable. 


IWildcardType.Group Group (category) of a wildcard type. 
OperationType IR operation types.