FinFisher FinSpy Mobile app for Android decompiled

The fully decompiled code and assets of 421and.apk can be found here: (no password).

This particular APK, although not the latest, is not obfuscated and easily reveals most capabilities of the malware:

  • Location tracker
  • Information stealer (calendar, contact list, text messages, Whatsapp databases, etc.)
  • Remotely controlled through encrypted communication over SMS and data

A great recap of the full story can be read on Netzpolitik. Real time updates are on Twitter.

JEB Jar Plugins

Maintenance release 1.5.201408040 introduces support for Java Archive (Jar) plugins. Unlike Java scripts/plugins, running JEB using a JDK is not required, as the Jar plugin already contains compiled code.

Jar plugins allow for complex, multi-class plugins, and referencing external libraries is easy via Manifest entries.

The plugins/ sub-directory of your JEB installation directory contains a sample JAR plugin (SamplePluginJar.jar) as well as the associated source code ( You can use this plugin’s source code as a template for your own Jar plugins. The build.xml file is a simple Apache Ant build file used to compile source files (located in src/) and package the generated *.class files into a single Jar, with appropriate JEB-specific Manifest entries set up.

About JEB-specific Manifest entries: unlike single source (Python, Java source) plugins, that define plugin metadata with a special comment line (#? for Python, //? for Java), Jar plugins use Manifest entries prefixed by JebPlugin- to define those entries:

  • JebPlugin-entryclass: (mandatory) set to the class that contains the plugin entry-point
  • JebPlugin-name: (optional) plugin name (as it will appear in “Action / Custom Actions…” menu)
  • Jeb-Plugin-shortcut: (optional) keyboard shortcut
  • JebPlugin-help: (optional) help information
  • JebPlugin-author: (optional) plugin’s author information

The above values can be set up by customizing the build.xml Ant file. Also, just like stand-alone Jar files loaded by the Java VM executable, the Manifest entry Class-Path can be set to reference external Jar files or repository of *.class files. Those entries will be added to the class path when JEB loads the plugin.

Please let us know on the forum if you have any question.