JEB2 available to all customers

Dear users,

We are glad to announce that JEB2 is now available to all our customers!

If you have a valid JEB 1.x license, you should have received an equivalent build with a subscription valid till the end of your support period. If this is not the case, please reach out to

Additional documentation and resources can be found on our website. We are also providing PDF analysis support to all business/enterprise customers! The JEB2 PDF plugin can be downloaded here:

Open-source plugins and PoC plugins such as Linux ELF, Android OAT, MIPS, Microsoft OLE, XLS, PPT, etc. can and will be found on our GitHub repository here:

The back-end APIs will be made available in the Fall 2015.

Note: This message was originally published on our Google Groups forum.

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Nicolas Falliere

Author of JEB.

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