JEB 3 Alpha is available

The demo builds of JEB 3.0-alpha are now available for download on our website! The full builds are also available, however, you will need to make that demand explicit by emailing us. In the meantime, we will keep on providing 2.3 software builds 1 by default until the 3.0 branch graduates to Beta.

So, what’s new in JEB3 anyway? This major release contains hundreds of changes, which can be roughly categorized as follows:

  • New desktop client. The JEB3 client is leaner and faster than the client that shipped with JEB2. It also comes with a Dark theme, supports configurable keyboard shortcuts, and easily supports multiple instances.
  • Improved native decompilation pipeline. A large bulk of the update as well as future trend for JEB3 is refining and opening access to our native code decompilers. We will publish several blogs regarding advanced use of decompilers, including how to use the API to customize a decompilation, write intermediate optimization passes, or even write a custom decompiler or custom analysis modules.
  • Intel x86 decompilers. JEB 3 Pro ships with our Intel x86 32-bit decompiler and Intel x86 64-bit decompiler modules. You can already try them out in the Alpha demos.
  • C++ class reconstruction. The full builds will ship with experimental support for class hierarchy discovery and reconstruction of Visual Studio-compiled x86 stripped programs, as well as C++ decompilation, as was demo’ed in this YouTube video.
  • More Type Libraries. Our type library system was improved, and we generated typelibs for the following environments:
    • Windows win32 on Intel x86 32-bit
    • Windows win32 on Intel x86 64-bit
    • Windows win32 on ARM 32-bit
    • Windows win32 on ARM 64-bit
    • Windows DDK on Intel x86 32-bit
    • Windows DDK on Intel x86 64-bit
    • Linux glibc on Intel x86 32-bit
    • Linux glibc on ARM 32-bit
    • Linux glibc on MIPS 32-bit
  • More Signature Libraries. JEB 3 ships with complete library signature sets for Visual Studio compiled binaries. This system allows the recognition of statically linked library code in binaries.
  • Full support for Windows malware analysis. The Intel decompilers, Windows type libraries and signature libraries make JEB a great platform to analyze win32 malware or malicious kernel drivers.

Once again, if you are a registered user, you can request to be put on the early adopters list and use JEB 3.0-alpha right now. You may also decide to wait for 3.0-beta and automatically receive the build when it becomes publicly available for all.

  1. JEB 2.3.14 is scheduled for publishing this week.

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